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How do we begin to understand our authentic truths?

Sadhguru @ University of Toronto | Question 05

So, I’m a diaspora, I’m Canadian born, my family is from Tanzania but originally from Gujarat. So I’ve always struggled to identify who I am in the Canadian context. So when I went to school, I had to eat my lunch. So I would take my butter chicken and go on the side because I didn’t want my white friends to smell my food. But when I was with my family at a mosque, or temple, I would all of a sudden have an Indian accent. So I was always stuck between these two identities, constantly. And these are things I did as a child, 6, 7, 8, 9. And now as an adult I’m still trying to figure out how to navigate in this space. So my question for you is, as youth we have the ability to adapt our identities to fit the social surroundings we’re in. How do we begin to understand our authentic truths and act upon them in a world that expects us to change and be amiable to our environments?  

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