Don’t poison yourself by eating during lunar eclipse

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Everything that happens in a month, in a subtle way is happening right here [during eclipse]. When such a fast forward is happening... the cooked food will go through the phases of its deterioration, much much more rapidly in a subtle way, than it does on a normal day.


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Don’t poison yourself by eating during lunar eclipse

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

So spiritual process means just that’s all – we are on fast forward. Not that we have anything against mangoes and coconuts, we are on fast forward, so we can’t be plucking this and that.

So here, the moon is on fast forward today. All the 28 days, all the 28 phases of the moon, you see right here. Everything that happens in a month, in a subtle way is happening right here. When such a fast forward is happening, many things are changing. One thing that you will notice is that the food. When I say food – don’t hang your tongue out. No..

When I say food, I mean – your body. We are inviting some tigers today. They look at you, and think – food! Food means your body. Food is your body in making, isn’t it? Food is your body.

So, when I say food – the food, particularly the cooked food will go through the phases of its deterioration, much much more rapidly in a subtle way, than it does on a normal day. We thought we will do a little experiment.

Do we have food here? We are going to bring some food, don’t hang your tongues out. This is not for eating! This is just to show you how quickly it’s going bad, right here as we sit.

So, everything is going through a certain phase. If you are not already aware of this… [Swami keeps a bowl of food in front of Sadhguru] this is not just happening to the food, this is happening to your body. This is happening to the whole world, in a certain way. If there is food in your body it would happen to you much more. That is – in 2 hours time you energies will age by approximately 28 days. That means 27 days less of life span could happen to you, energy wise, in a subtle way.

We’ll keep watching this, as it goes by. [Holding Rudraksh mala over food bowl]… So, right now it’s still okay. You watch this in the next one and a half hours. You will see things will change about this food as we sit here. We will leave it now, it will mature.

So, the reason why so many things are taken care of on a full lunar eclipse day is because your passing 28 days, in 2 hours time, approximately 2 hours time. So, today is a special day, because of the alignment that happens. Certain things happen in the planet, where anything that moves away from it’s natural condition, will naturally deteriorate very very fast on this day.

We have not really conducted an experiment like this. But, I can say this with a fair amount of confidence that – suppose we measure how quickly a dead body deteriorates. On this day, it will be much faster than other days. Somebody should experiment on this. If anybody is working in a pathology laboratory, you should try this out and see.

But, I can show this to you with reference to food. Cooked food – because, this is like a dead body. In the sense, it has moved away from it’s natural condition. How it was when it was in it’s natural condition, how it is now – it has moved away. We can still eat it, it still nourishes us. Even though it’s dead, it still nourishes us.

[Holding Rudraksh mala over food bowl]… See how quiet it has become now. Not very enthusiastic. First time we held it, it was clearly going this way [clockwise]. Right now it is simply [still]. It is still not totally ‘tamas’. It is moving there, it’s almost there. You will see in another 15-20 minutes, if you check it, it will be going anti-clockwise. By the time you see the tiny piece of moon, you will see actively it will be going this way [anti-clockwise].

So, if this was in your stomach right now. 7 O’ clock if you had your dinner and would be sitting here, this would be happening within you. I thought it’s better that it happens outside, than within you. Because food will rot in the stomach.

If we go by the physical sciences, if we examine you – by the limitations of physical sciences, on one level you are just heart, kidney, liver, lungs and whatever. We know today, they are all replaceable. Are you replaceable?

Let’s see what’s happening to the sambar. It’s important, isn’t it? [Holding Rudraksh mala over food bowl]… You see this. Are you able to see this? Actively going negative. See we told you not to eat. Those people in Delhi who are eating today, what to do with them.

This [moon] is going through a whole phase. What would happen in 28 days – in a subtle way, on the level of energy, it is happening in these 2 hours time.

[Checking total time of current eclipse. It’s approximately 3 hours]

In these 3 hours, what happens in 28 days, is happening right here. It is happening to your body, right now as you sit here. You should be able to notice it. But you are not able to notice it, so … the sambhar is still in you. What your brain is not able to tell you.

In 3 hours time… we are watching it [food bowl] only for less than 40 minutes. In an hours time, what is nourishing food is turning into poison! That’s what is happening, right here. If you eat this, what will happen? Will I die? unfortunately you don’t! Why I am saying unfortunately – if you eat this, if you immediately fall dead, they would have passed a law, on an eclipsed day nobody should eat cooked food. But because it’s subtle…

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