Four Parts of The Mind, A Yogic Perspective

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Dr David Frawley talks about how modern medicine and modern science looks at consciousness, mind and brain. He asks Sadhguru to talk about the nature of brain, mind and consciousness. Sadhguru explains that in yogic sciences, brain is just part of the body. Yogic sciences looks at human mind in 16 parts, which are in 4 categories. First is buddhi (intellect), Second is Ahankara (Identity - it is usually misunderstood as ego), Third is manas (memory - there are many dimensions of memory, elemental, atomic, evolutionary, karmic, conscious, unconscious, articulate, inarticulate memory), and the fourth dimension is chitta (dimension of intelligence without bounds, unsullied by memory). Sadhguru elaborates on each of these four parts.


Duration: 16:05 min


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