Will Sadhguru take care at the time of your death?

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Namaskram Sadhguru. Couple of days back you spoke in Darshan that you or anyone can intervene post death, only if karmic shell has become really thin. But earlier you had mentioned that if one 'sits' with you, there is no coming back for that person. I'm little anxious, are you going back on your promise?


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Will Sadhguru take care at the time of your death?

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

Questioner: Namaskram Sadhguru. Couple of days back you spoke in Darshan that you or anyone can intervene post death, only if karmic shell has become really thin. But earlier you had mentioned that if one ‘sits’ with you, there is no coming back for that person. I’m little anxious, are you going back on your promise?

Sadhguru: Now, you are some kind of a disciple, whoever you are! Instead of telling me – Sadhguru, I will make it as thin as you want. I’ll make it as thin as it is needed for you. Instead of that, you are asking me – Sadhguru, you promised then, will you stick to the promise, or are you going back! This is the same position that Anandateertha took.

The problem with people is – they have taken their individual experience of life, rather too seriously

Well, this needs to be understood. See, the problem with people is – they have taken their individual experience of life, rather too seriously. They don’t understand, that this individual experience that you have of life, is sheer magnanimity of creation, that’s all. There is nothing to it. They can pull the plug anytime. See, right now, the virus – poof. Today you are fine, and tomorrow morning you maybe gone. Entire world, nearly the entire world is in lockdown – just an invisible virus. So, you understand, that’s how fragile your individual existence is. At the same time, it is built in such a way, that it can last and persist. It’s persistence – how persistent this individual life is simply depends upon how identified it is with it’s individual self. And, the fundamental… what to say… structures, which form an individual life.

See, you are a … you as a life… you are essentially a life, then a body, then a little bit of mind. Out of this combination, you become a person. Because you become a person, you got a whole lot of stuff in the world. You got a home, you have family, you have this, you have that. You even have a Guru! Full… all the accessories you have, full on. But, you need to understand, you are essentially a piece of life.

When it comes to life, there is no such thing as – my life and your life

When it comes to body, we can say – this is my body, that’s your body. When it comes to the structure of our mind – I can say this is my mind, that’s your mind. But, when it comes to life, there is no such thing as – my life and your life. It is one great phenomenon of life happening. You can capture a little, and claim it is mine. Or, you can continuously enhance, the volume of life – you can only enhance it, if you are not identified with the little that you have gathered. Little that you gathered is because of variety of parameters. Just by the privilege of birth, then with growth – some may grow, some may not grow. I’m saying as life. Body grows, mind grows, activity grows – but, did this life become more? Depends on many things. If you capture a little bit of life, and get identified with that, you will just stay as that.

You say – you are a spiritual seeker! I also believed you, as you believed me. When I said… after you came and sat.. and you said – Sadhguru, we are really seekers, we are genuine. Then I said – if you sit with me, this is it for you. So, are you going back on your promise that you are a seeker? If you are a seeker, that means you are always seeking. You are not just identified with what you have. If that is so, if this life keeps expanding, the karmic structure becomes thinner and thinner. If you really allow it to expand, it will become flimsy. I said, if you make it very thin and flimsy – it will be easy on me. But now you are holding me on my promise! Doesn’t matter Sadhguru – I’m think as a ball, but you promised! I’m not going back on my promise. Let me explain the process to you. After that you choose, whether you want to be thick or thin.

This question is coming – because little thick ‘here’ [pointing to head] also, I think. Thick means strong, you know. The most popular – maybe popular is not the word – most prevalent nut in Isha Yoga Center, is the groundnut. I took back the word, popular! Prevalent. So, a groundnut is not really a nut. It’s a legume, it’s not really a nut. But, because it grows in the ground, and it needs some protection, nature gave it a nice shell. Because it has a shell, it is pretending to be a nut – just like you! It’s not really a nut, but acts like one. So, throughout your entire life, you can go about a real nut – which most people manage to do. But, what death means is – they crack the nut. Death is a nut cracker. So, the shell is cracked – physical body and this mind has come apart. But, you know, it has an inner layer of protection. You’ve seen that little papery thin, another layer on the groundnut. It’s call ’tista’. This is very important. As long as this is there – though the outer shell is broken – once again it can sprout, become a plant and again become…. one nut can become many nuts! They say, there were only two nuts – Adam and Eve. Look at you now! So, this one nut – if you leave that skin, it can sprout and become many nuts. Those many nuts again will go through the same process, and become many many nuts.

So, what I promised you is that when the time comes, this think layer, papery layer – I will skin it for you. If you are well soaked, simply easily we can remove. If you are not well soaked, I have to use my nails and do [scratch]. If you want that, I will do – it hurts, that’s all. If I forcefully remove a layer from you, it will hurt. But, if you have soaked it nicely and it become loose, then simply if I touch it, it will come away. That choice is yours. I said, if it has become really thin – very easy, it will come off. Now, if you remove this cover, there is a nut. Only thing is it can not sprout anymore. Once you remove, this such a fragile papery thin cover – if your remove – after that it becomes incapable of sprouting. Because it is dicotyledon, and it become two, and after that it can not sprout. The fundamental mechanics of re-sprouting is taken away simply because this thin layer was peeled.

I said – if you sit with me for a moment – this doesn’t mean you just came, sat here and left! It means, you really – maybe sit was not the word – if you be with me, maybe I should have said. I believed if you are here, you are with me. Because, I’m like that. When I’m here with you, I’m here with you, I’m no other way. I believed you are also like that, and I said – if you sit with me. Then you come and sit there like this [arms folded] – Ok, I sat, what happened! What can I do!

So, anyway… I’m not going back on my words. If you really sat with me – if you were being with me for a moment – it’s a mechanism, that naturally the peel will come off. Whether it will come off effortlessly, or little painfully – that depends on you. But, it will come off. But, the nut is still there. Can not sprout, but hangs around. This is the promise we made. That we will see that you don’t sprout back again.

But two days ago when we were talking, we were talking about totally dissolving something. For dissolution, without some co-operation – no. Preventing you from sprouting back again, so that no more nuts come out of you – well, I promised you, I will stick to the promise. But, I thought we will raise your aspirations. Instead of just not sprouting, you are able to… when you are freshly dead – we are talking about post death only, right? Yes, the other day? ok – when you are alive if you do it, it’s most fantastic. But, you could not…. you worked on it, became loose, but still could not. So you are freshly dead – maybe that’s wrong terminology, but I like to use it – freshly born, freshly dead! So, when you are freshly dead, at that time to completely dissolve is a good possibility. So, whether you will let me do that, or just take away the peel, so that you can not sprout, and take your own time to dissolve, but can not take on one more body – that, I promised you, I’ll stick to that.

Now, I’m upping my promise, I’m upgrading the promise. Not taking away the promise, I’m upgrading the promise. Not just not sprouting, dissolution itself can be done, if only you are in a mode of co-operation. You think – being like a ‘rock’ like ‘this’, and you want to dissolve. How to dissolve a rock? It will take million years! Not that a rock cannot be dissolved. It will take a million years. But, if you become sweet like sugar, or at least like salt – within minutes, we can dissolve you. That’s all I was saying – not going back on the promise.

This is… So, what will make you work, or strive little more. With stronger intent, so that you can also reduce the labour for your Guru. This also you must think. Hello! This also you must think. Not only how you get liberated. You must also think, how can I reduce the labour for my Guru. Such a thought never occurred to you? So, if that is the way you are, there are ways to hasten your sadhana.

This happened, a Jewish boy – 12 year old boy – was studying in a school. He was doing great with all the subjects, but only in Mathematics, he was not doing very well. Jewish families are like this… one subject not doing well is not ok. Others would say – wow, he is doing great in everything else, Math he doesn’t like, it’s alright. That’s not how Indian families, and Jewish families work. If you get 98 – Indian mothers will ask you, where is the other 2%, what happened! Anybody else, they will throw a party and celebrate – my son got 98%! Not in India. They will ask you – where is the other 2%? Because, we come from cultures, where human striving is of the highest value. Not, 98%… 99%. Are you striving or not?

So, they decided, though they are a Jewish family – they decided to move him to a Catholic school, where the Math teacher was supposed to be good. So, the boy went there, and after 4 months – the boy is 100 our of 100, in every test. Then, the parents were so happy. Then they thought, they should give a gift to the Math teacher. Then they said, we want to come and meet your Math teacher. He has really done miracle for you. You are getting 100 out of 100 in Mathematics, which you were not able to do for the last 1.5 years in the other school. The boy said, it’s got nothing to do with the Math teacher. Then how is it happening, they said. Well, I saw a guy in the school, who has been nailed to a + mark! So, that’s it!

We can do something like that for you. One of these guys, we’ll nail him. Or hang him upside down. See these snakes – like this if we do to one of you, others will strive. If that’s the only way you get it, what can I do? I believe in doing things the way it works!


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