How to handle money & sex?

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Is it ok to desire for money & sex


Sadhguru gives insight into the oft asked question - is desire for #money and sex bad? If it is a natural process, then do we really need to fight it?


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How to handle money & sex?

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

Two things right now in the world which is taking almost 95% of human energy – Money and Sex. These two things are right now consuming almost 95% of human potential, is it so? Even 95 is a conservative estimate. Yes! Almost 100%.

As money is in your pocket is good and nice, similarly if sex is in your body it is nice. But if it enters your head, it becomes a perversion. It’s gotten into people’s heads. It’s not in their body, it’s gotten into their heads. If it was in their body, it wouldn’t be all the time. It would be only some time, isn’t it? It’s gotten into their heads and it’s all the time. This is a disease.

If you know how to keep money in your pocket and sex in your body, then you would live your life well

If you know how to keep money in your pocket and sex in your body, then you would live your life well. You got both these things into your head, now you can’t live well. You live like a diseased person, because it will rule you from inside and destroy you in many different ways. Everything beautiful about you will be taken away, once money and sex enters your head, isn’t it?

Right now do you see, the whole world is painted either with money or sex? At least the civilised part of the world. Isn’t it so? Everywhere you see, it’s dripping with either money or sex. Just drive in Bombay city and see, every advertisement, every magazine, every book – it’s either dripping with money or sex, isn’t it so?

Now these two things if they fall into their natural places, where they should be, they are not a problem, they are fine. They have their own beauty attached to it. But if you exaggerate it in your mind then everything becomes ugly. So money has become a problem because you don’t know where to keep it. Keep it in your pocket. It’s a good thing.

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