How to deal with uncertainty?

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One thing you need to understand is, in this business of life you have not come with any investment, you came empty handed, right? So whatever is happening, you're on the profit side.


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How to deal with uncertainty?

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

Have you seen a suspense thriller movie or read a book like that? Hello? Right now, there is a wonderful, wonderful suspense thriller movie going on in the local theaters here. None of you have seen this movie, I have. Shall I tell you the story?

Participant: I want to go and watch it.

Sadhguru: Yes. But now I can’t tell you the whole story. I’ll just tell you the last suspense part of it. Okay?

Participants: No.

Sadhguru: Okay, now you’re getting it. So suspense means what? You go, see there… wall poster, “Oh, this director, this actor, maybe this will happen,” – mind projects. You go inside the theater. You watch all those still pictures, ten pictures are there, you see, “Oh, this guy is going to do this. I think she’s going to do that. Oh, he’s going to do this. This is what is going to happen.” You try to imagine the picture.

Then you go sit in the auditorium, first few scenes, then you said, “Definitely this what is going to happen,” – prediction. Few minutes, it went wrong. You made another prediction, “Oh, now I got it. This is what is going to happen,” – went wrong. Then you said, “No, no, not that, now I know, this is what is going to happen,” – went wrong.

Then halfway down, you discuss with your friend and decide, “Last scene, I’m sure this is it.” When the last scene came, something totally different happened, then you come out and say, “Wow, what a wonderful movie.” Yes or no?

Suppose you went there, you saw the first scene and you said, “Well, this is what will happen in the last scene” and that’s what happened. Then you come back and said, “This is no good.” Yes or no?

Participants: Yes.

Sadhguru: So if all your predictions go wrong, it’s wonderful. I’m asking what’s wrong with your life then? Nothing wrong with your life, something wrong with you. That is, if suspense happens, your heart will palpitate. If suspense happens, you go into depression, your brain will freeze. If suspense happens, your heart will break. So the problem is you have lost your ability to enjoy suspense. You are a kind of a fixed match guy. Do you understand? You want to fix the match before you play the game? You are a… it’s illegal now in the country. Hello. There is a law against it, yes. So I want to know the result of today’s work before I do it.

I’m asking you, how many of you are really capable of absolutely involving yourself in something fully knowing what’s the result? No, ninety-nine percent of the people cannot involve themselves in today, if they know what is tomorrow. So it’s best that you don’t know what is tomorrow, isn’t it?

One thing you need to understand is, in this business of life you have not come with any investment, you came empty handed, right? So whatever is happening, you’re on the profit side. Hello? Only problem is you have lost the ability to enjoy the suspense. You are a fixed match. So you go to your astrologer, you write a ‘horror scope’ and everything and say, “What will happen? What will happen?” No, you should not know what will happen. Hello?

If you are a joyful state, more unpredictability, more fun, isn’t it so? If you are miserable, even smallest suspense will freak the hell out of us. Yes or no? The problem is just this, you lost your ability to enjoy the suspense. Nothing wrong with life. Nothing wrong with business. “No Sadhguru, but market conditions have become like this. This is happening.” That is suspense. Hello?

Do you see in every movie at least in the… almost every movie, particularly in the Indian movies, you know, hero gets thrashed by thirty-five people at a time. We thought he’s going to die. We know he’s not going to die, that’s a problem. If there was little suspense, maybe he will die but we know he cannot die and even if he dies, somebody who can raise the dead will come and in the last scene, he will be standing like this. This is the problem.

Right now, this is what you want to be. You’ve been inspired by these movies. No matter what happens, you must be the winner. No. It’s alright. Hello? It falls this way, it falls that way, it falls that way. Essentially, you came with nothing. So whatever the hell is happening, your balance sheet is doing great. Yes or no? Huh? Your balance sheet is doing great, because you’ve come with nothing. You came with something, then you are losing it. Yes, we would address it in a different way. You came with nothing. What the hell are you complaining about? You must just get this one point before you enter life.

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