What is the opposite of love – hate or attachment?

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How to discern good and bad?


Is there an opposite of love? Is there something opposed to love?


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What is the opposite of love – hate or attachment?

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

Generally, we are thinking love, hate are two opposite things. But it is not essentially so. They’re just the flip side of the coin, you know. Two sides of the coin. So you can’t hate somebody, that you have nothing to do with. You’re in love with somebody, and it turns negative for some reason, that’s when real hate, isn’t it? So is hate opposite to love? In a way it is. But fundamentally, it is not. In a basic way it is not, on the surface it is.

Attachment is more against love, than hate

I would say attachment is more against love, than hate. You would always connect love and attachment. Love and attachment have nothing to do with each other. Hate and attachment, more connected. Because if it falls this way, it becomes love, if it falls that way, it becomes hate.

Attachment – see, the moment attachment enters your life, anxiety comes. Once anxiety comes, fear follows. Once fear comes, madness will follow. Now your child went to school, supposed to come back at 5 O’clock. 6, not come back, anxiety. 7, not come back, madness. 8, not come back, gone totally insane, isn’t it? So suddenly you cannot become mad. It is just that it’s always there, it just needs a situation to expose you, that’s all. It needs a little extreme situation to expose you. It’s always there with you.

The moment you enter the attachment, you have entered into madness

The moment you enter the attachment, you have entered into madness. But right now, you are always thinking love and attachment. The nature of love – if you want to use an analogy. Love is like a flower, you know. If you hold it in your hand, you have to walk carefully. You can’t do like this, it’ll just fall apart in your hands. You have to walk carefully with it. But attachment is not like that, it is concretised. It is like a plastic flower. Plastic is never flower. You may make it look like that, you may spray perfumes on it, but it’s not flower. Flower is that which flowers, isn’t it? Plastic is not flower.

So if you keep flowers in your house, you have to watch it ten times a day. It’s a nuisance actually. But it’s life. If you buy plastic flowers, five years guarantee. You don’t have to look at it, it’s always there. If your children are being very naughty, you can pull it out of the ways and whack them with it. Guests are coming, you can put it back. It just serves all purposes, multi-purpose. It’s guaranteed, it’s convenient, it’s cheaper. In every way it makes sense. But it’s not life, that’s the big difference.


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