How to overcome obstacles?

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The most important tools that we have our, our own body and mind. Are we using them to remove obstacles, or create suffering for ourselves? What is the essential quality needed to use these powerful tools in the most effective way?


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How to overcome obstacles?

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

See as human beings – why the only reason why we are dominating every other creature including massive creatures, much bigger than us, more powerful, faster, quicker, in strength, in capabilities? Why we are dominating all of them is our ability to use tools, isn’t it? So do not underestimate the power of the tools.

Do not underestimate the power of the tools

If I ask you to unscrew the screw in this furniture. You try with your hands, your fingers, your fingernails, they will all break and bleed, but the screw stays right there. I give you a little screwdriver, but you don’t know how to use, you poke it here, poke it here, poke it here, poke it here, no use. Only if you put it right there and use it the way you must use it, suddenly another world, isn’t it? Right now the greatest tools that we have in our hand is our own body, our mind, our emotions, our energy – these are our tools. If you harness these tools well, you will live wonderfully. If you don’t harness them, you will live badly. If these tools turn against you, you will live terribly.

The greatest tools that we have in our hand is our own body, our mind, our emotions, our energy

Right now what is it that human beings are largely suffering? No great amount of suffering is coming to you from outside. Everything is on self-help, isn’t it? Poking yourself, why? Because we gave you a sharp mind. If we had given you the brains of an earthworm, you would also be very peaceful. But to develop this level of cerebral capability took millions of years of evolution to get you here, isn’t it? I want you to just imagine from a single-celled Amoeba to make you like this, how much work? Now you suffer this result. Essentially what you’re suffering is your own cerebral activity, isn’t it? You have an intelligence for which you don’t have a stable enough base. So it’s poking you instead of being useful to you. It is poking you simply because this base is not stable.

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