How To Resolve Conflict With Parents In Choice of Career?

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A young man tells Sadhguru about his struggle with his father in choosing a career. Though he wanted to be a musician, his father forced him to go to college to study engineering. He asks Sadhguru - "what is my responsibility towards my parents, and by choosing to become a volunteer for something I care for, am I doing the right thing"? Sadhguru says - "There are no right things in life. If you choose something and put everything you have into it, it will become a great thing". Sadhguru tells what is the fundamental duty of children towards their parents.   QUESTION: I always wanted to be a musician. And, I have a South Indian father. So, it was a very rocky relationship with him. And, he sent me to B.Tech in Andhra Pradesh. I ran away from hostel. I came back to Delhi, he put me into Law. I quit that. Finally, somehow established myself in Delhi as a small musician, and later on I became a part of 'Rally for River'. And, I volunteered myself. Some big explosion happened within me yesterday. And, I got a link on my WhatsApp group saying that we could volunteer ourselves for the next 3 years, and be part of 'Rally for Rivers'. So, I registered myself yesterday. And, I told my father that I will be leaving everything. So, my father got really angry, because he saw me settling into something after a very long time, and he was like 'this is not what you want to do'. And, he became so angry, that he called you a 'spiritual terrorist'. And, he wanted me to ask you this - "what is my responsibility as a son for my parents?" And, I want to ask - "Am I doing the right thing? I believe that I am, I am doing the right thing".


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