How to wake up in the right way?

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Physiologically and psychologically, the right side of the body is more stable. The direction you wake up in is very important. You should always wake up by rolling towards your right side. If you make the first movement to the left, you can cause damage to the system.


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How to wake up in the right way?

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

Both physiologically, energy-wise and psychologically, ‘right’ is the more stable side. Stability also comes with rigidity. This an inevitable factor. Whatever is stable is also rigid. To make yourself very fluid and still be stable, takes work. This is why, the yogis fell in love with mercury. Fluid, but super stable, it’s the only thing like that. So, we love mercury because so fluid and so stable.

Right side is more stable and also somewhat more rigid.

Right side is more stable and also somewhat more rigid. Physiologically, if you start with the body, physiologically left side is little more fragile, because left has the responsibility of having your heart. Which has many layered significance in the physiology. Not just of pumping blood, it has a many layered significance. And you don’t start that side. In India we told you even when you wake up in the morning, you roll to the right and get up. You never roll to the left, because the first movement that you make, if you make to the left, you could cause some minor damage to the system. You always roll right.

And also as large part of the land mass on the planet is largely in the Northern hemisphere. And human populations, 88 percent of human population is in the Northern hemisphere, and in the Northern hemisphere there are many forces within the system which function like this, so this is why always right. So immediately people from Australia will ask this question, should I start with left? No. Just because you’re going the wrong way, you don’t have to continue that way. You must start with right, because physiologically it is so, psychologically it is so, energy wise it is so, that right side is more stable, left side is more vulnerable.

First movement should happen on the right side, not on the left side

So always with the right, even if you wake up in the morning on the right. First movement should happen on the right side, not on the left side. There is, there are studies which clearly say that those who are left-handed, they tend to live less than right-handed people. Do you know this? You’re left-handed? If you’re left-handed, if you’re constantly using your left hand more than your right hand, then you could live less on an average compared to right-handed people. Of course life and death has so many other factors involved, but this could reduce one’s lifespan, because left is a vulnerable space. It needs to follow, it should not be the upfront. So, always on the right.


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