Is it possible to levitate?

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Levitation - is it mere myth or a profound reality? Sadhguru delves into the enigma of floating against gravity, sharing tales of Mayamma, a mysterious saint who was seen floating on ocean waves. While the marvels of defying gravity can captivate, Sadhguru emphasizes a deeper, life-transforming miracle that anyone can achieve. Dive into this compelling conversation to unearth truths beyond the visible and attain the real magic of existence.


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Is it possible to levitate?

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

Questioner: Yeah, I mean I get it if energy rises up or something but how can a body rise up, I mean it’s against the, it defies the law of gravity or something.

Sadhguru: See, now I’m levitating! How could it happen – is that what you’re asking? Or is it possible?

Questioner: Is it possible and how does it happen, and can you do it?

Sadhguru: See, is it possible? It is possible. How does it happen? There are, there are many ways or there are certain ways through which you can become less and less available to gravity. There are certain practices, certain kriyas through which you become less available to gravity because of this, one may levitate, it’s possible. Or, when your kundalini raises with tremendous force, one may not levitate but you can see, one’s body just taking off by itself and landing. It doesn’t stay there but it takes off and lands, takes off and lands. If you make a little effort – without any effort it’s happening – but if you make a little effort, with little effort when the energy is high, it happens.

If you float or if you levitate for a few minutes in a day, in what way does it alter your life?

You must have heard of, you heard of Mayamma? The lady saint in Tamil Nadu? Mayamma, you’ve heard of her? Nobody knew where she came from, but it looked like, her features said that she must have been a Nepali but she never spoke. She was in Kanyakumari, the very tip of Southern India. Her friends were always dogs. She had a whole band of dogs behind her. She was so involved with these dogs that she would steal food from hotels. You know in these small hotels they keep all these vada and other things? She’ll just go grab it and put it for her dogs.

So, many times, people, even physically handled her. People would beat her, throw stones at her because she grabs food from everybody and gives it to the dogs. She never spoke. Then people found, certain times when people went and watched her, she would be just floating on the waves of the ocean. She would just sit like this and simply float. So because of that people stopped bothering her, you know. They would protect their food of course, but they wouldn’t abuse her physically in any way because they saw her floating on the ocean.

There are many ways you can make yourself less available to gravity

There are many ways you can make yourself less available to gravity. “Can I do it?” I want to walk on the planet, I have no intention of floating. Certain people who follow the path of Hatha Yoga usually do these feats. It is of no life significance. Now, if you float or if you levitate for a few minutes in a day, in what way does it alter your life? Our whole effort here is that you can walk through life very much on the ground but you can walk through life no matter what happens with your life. No matter what kind of situations you face, you go through life untouched, still like a child, as you were born. How many things happen in your life, it doesn’t matter. How many things go wrong, everything goes dead wrong, every day is a crisis but still you go untouched through life – this is a miracle.

I want all of you to perform this miracle. On your deathbed if you are like just born, that means you have performed a wonderful miracle of going through life untouched. That’s possible. So, we are interested in performing that miracle. Floating in the air, walking upon the water, what will you do with it? Three days if you walk upon the water, it’ll be fine when you get all the attention. Every day, if you start walking upon the water, nobody will look at you, they’ll all take their speed boats, and buzz they’ll go. Then you will also wish you had a boat, isn’t it?


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