Kala – Shiva’s Most Fierce Dimension

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In this talk, Sadhguru explains the different meaning of the word 'Kala' - The Time. 'Kala' also means Cycles of Nature. Time as we experience is only because of the cyclical movement of physical nature. From Atomic to Cosmic, everything that is physical is cyclical in nature. 'Kala Bhairva' is to access that dimension of Time to become 'Master of Time' - once you become master of time, you become master of Life process because all Life process is rooted in time. As Sadhguru explains, the Mahakaleshwar Temple (Ujjain, India) is one of the most powerfully energized spaces. If you are receptive and go with certain preparation in the temple, it will shake you from the inside. The very nature of this 'Mahakala' form is that everything is burnt into ashes - that means you become free from the physical. It propels you towards your ultimate liberation. It is not for nothing that the daily offering to Mahakala is fresh ashes from the cremation ground. Of various forms of Shiva – the ‘Kala’ or ‘Mahakala’ is the most significant and fierce form. As ‘MahaKala’ – he is the Lord of Time. As ‘KaalBhairva’ – he is the destroyer of time. All physical existence happens within the ambit of Time. Once Time is destroyed – everything is over. Mukti (or Liberation) is to become free from cyclical movement of Life. It is in this context that Shiva is Worshipped as ‘Destroyer of Time’ as Death itself can be a doorway to liberation and not just simply means of disposing the body. Why is ‘Bhairavi Yatnaa’ - a process to destroy Time such a painful experience? Sadhguru tells the captivating story of Shukracharya, Gurus of the rakshas (demons), and the war between the devas (gods) and the rakshas (demons).  


Duration: 10:41 min

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