The paradox: An intelligent fool

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Since I started Isha Yoga, my mind has become empty. Does that mean I'm becoming a fool?


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The paradox: An intelligent fool

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

Questioner: Since I started Isha Yoga, my mind has become empty. Does that mean I’m becoming a fool?

Sadhguru: See when somebody else calls you a fool, it’s an insult. When you realize you’re a fool, that means you have become smart enough to know that. So I did not call you a fool, I only agreed with you.

This happened to me also. Before all this happened, I was very smart. Very very smart. So I thought, and so everybody around me also supported it. I definitely thought so. All others around me also supported this. He is very smart. And the activity that I was performing at that time, and the results that it produced also proved that I was very smart. But one day I went up a small hill, and I realized I was an utter fool. Since then everything has been fantastic. Yes.

So be a fool, it’s a damn good thing. If you’re a damn fool, it’s a damn damn good thing. But don’t tell anybody like this. Because socially you still have to live. You don’t go about telling everybody I’m a fool. Its alright. You know you’re a fool, everybody thinks you’re smart, that’s a good thing but you tell everybody you’re a fool that’s not a good thing.

So, there are different ways to look at this. If something bigger than yourself happens to you, something way bigger than yourself happens to you, then naturally you feel like a damn fool. Nothing happened to you, you are the biggest thing in the universe. You think you are smart but you are a bloody fool. That’s a big difference. We can even say this in other terms but let me not go there.

I want you to understand that there are no too many problems with you. Hello? You think you are complicated because you like to be complicated, because if you’re simple you feel like a fool. Yes. So you are complicating yourself, just to avoid seeing that you’re a bloody fool. Your problem is not very existential, it’s more maintenance. Certain things are not opening up.

This happened. Shankaran Pillai checked into a hotel along with his wife. At 11:30 in the night, he called the reception and he said, “My wife is threatening to jump out of the window from the fifth floor” The reception said, “Sir, this is a personal matter, I cannot intervene in this, and above all I am the only night staff who is here, so you need to deal with it yourself. This is a personal matter. Except for me and one maintenance staff, there is nobody in the hotel, we cannot assist you in any way, you need to deal with it yourself, it is your personal stuff. Shankaran Pillai roared “You idiot. You think I will ask you to come and handle my personal matters? I am talking about a maintenance issue only. The damn window is not opening.”

So your problem is just that, the window is not opening. There’s no other problem, just maintenance issues. Because you think you’re too smart, it’s too stuffed up. If you feel like an empty fool, it’ll open up.

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