Number 108: What is it’s significance?

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Today Neuroscientists are telling us that, because of physical laws, human brain cannot evolve further. Adiyogi told this 15,000 years ago, that your physical evolution is complete, and unless drastic changes happen in the solar system - physically, you can not further evolve. But there are other ways to evolve, and Adiyogi gave methods for the same. These methods are closely linked to the number of Chakras in a human system. This is why the number 108 is also very significant.


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Number 108: What is it’s significance?

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

So, a journalist was interviewing me, and he asked me – “Sadhguru, in India so many people, in the ancient past have worked for human consciousness. Who do you think has contributed significantly in the Western Hemisphere?” Without hesitation, I said, “Charles Darwin.” So, he said, “How is, Charles Darwin is a biologist!”. No, no, in the Western Hemisphere, he is the one who put this idea – if a life strives, it can go beyond it’s limitations. These limitations are not God given. These limitations are not absolute. If one is willing to strive, he can go beyond these limitations. Even, you know, a pig can become an elephant. A goat can become a giraffe. Not a small change! Isn’t it? I will not talk about the monkeys, ok!

So, this possibility that if a human being strives, he can go beyond his limitations. This is close to 15,000 years ago, they asked this question – does it mean to say that we can change our physicality? That we can evolve?

So, this possibility that if a human being strives, he can go beyond his limitations.

So, Adiyogi said – your physical evolution is complete. And, he gave mathematical references, as to why it is so. So, when they asked – can our bodies evolve? He referred to their bodies, and he said – there are 114 junction points of energy in the system. Which in yogic system we are referring to as – Chakras. There are 114 Chakras. Out of this, 2 are outside the body, 112 in the body. Out of this 112, there are 4 about which you can do nothing. They will blossom, if everything else is activated. There are 108 that you can work with.

So, because of this, you will see traditionally, if you wear beads – it’s 108. If you chant a mantra – it’s 108. If you go around an energy space – 108. This is because there are 108 things that one needs to do, if he wants to have a complete mastery over the human mechanism itself. This has very beautifully found manifestation in the planetary system in which we live. 108 times the diameter of the Earth is the diameter of the Sun. The diameter of the Sun x 108 times, is the distance between the Sun and the Earth. Diameter of the Moon x 108 times, is the distance between Moon and Earth.

There are 108 [chakras] that you can work with.

And, in terms of how the Earth’s orbit is divided. Even that amounts to 108. For example, the position that the Earth takes around the Sun, is called 1 Nakshatra. There are 27 Nakshatras. Nakshatra is not a start. It is a measuring unit here. There are 27 Nakshatras, and these 27 also indicate 1 half of the lunar cycle. The 27 Nakshatras means, 13.5 lunar. months. And, that’s how the lunar calendar functions. A Nakshatra is divided into 4 padas. That means 1/8 of the Moon cycle, which is approximately 3.5 days. 27 Nakshatras x 4 Padas is equal to 108 Padas in 1 year. So, over the completion of 1 year, there are 108 Padas. So, this is almost like, the beads you wear – 108. Right now, the planet Earth is arranging itself in the form of 108 beads around the Sun. And accordingly you use 108 beads whenever you wear. This is almost like the beads around the Sun’s circumference. Based on this, knowing the connection between the celestial system, and the human system, many things were evolved and developed.

It’s very uncanny that now in the last 6 years, the neuroscientists in the world are saying the same things. This has been a search – can we evolve human brain beyond it’s. present limitations. So, neuroscientists today are saying, that you can not evolve the human brain any further, not because of any neurological principles, but because of physical laws on the planet. The only way you can evolve this is – increase the size of the Neuron – that is one way. Or, increase the number of Neurons, that is another way. If you increase the number of Neurons in your brain, the clarity will go away.

Lot of children are born like this. They are brilliant, but they can’t figure anything, because there is no clarity. As they grow up, some amount of brain killing will happen, naturally, and then they become stable. If they don’t they will always be scattered.

If you increase the number of Neurons in your brain, the clarity will go away.

Another way is to increase the size of the Neuron. If you increase the size of the Neuron, the volume of energy that an individual Neuron consumes will be so high – if now, if you are in a restful position – right now, 20% of your energies are being consumed by your brain right now. It’s a very high energy consuming part of your body. This much of body consumes 80% – this much of brain (I’m sorry, don’t be insulted by the size, ok!) is consuming 20% of the energy. If you increase the size of the Neuron, it will consume 30%-40%, that means it will become unsustainable.

So, today Neuroscientists are saying – physical laws on the planet will not allow further growth of human brain. We can only learn to use it better, but we cannot grow a bigger brain. This Adiyogi said 15,000 years ago. He said – your physical evolution is complete, because the Solar System will not allow. Unless some dramatic changes happen in the Solar System, you cannot physically evolve. But there are other ways to evolve. And, he taught the methods, as to how a human being can evolve beyond his limitations. And, it need not be a physical evolution. It does not mean, you lost your tail, and you have to grow a horns. It means that there are other ways to evolve which need not be physical.

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