Life is only in the “Now”

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Sadhguru’s skydiving adventure


A simple experiment to demonstrate that life is only in the 'now'! You should measure life in terms of experiences, not in terms of time. So, are you life oriented, or death oriented?


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Life is only in the “Now”

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

In the state of Ohio, Shankaran Pillai went to learn skydiving. So he is about to jump. And the instructor said, “When I say – you pull the string”. Only one string. There’s no backup string. Only one string. So Shankaran Pillai asked, “Suppose it doesn’t open, the parachute, how much time do I have?” The instructor said, “Well, all your life.” Your entire life.

This is the nature of life. Your entire life is now

This is the nature of life. Your entire life is now. You have to breathe now, you have to eat today, you have to drink water today. You cannot live on yesterday’s stuff, isn’t it? One day if you stop all this, one minute if you stop all this, life starts going down. Don’t believe what I’m saying, just check. Check with your life. Let me live – so many days, all these years I have been breathing – let me live [without]. Try. Immediately it’ll tell you, this is not the way you idiot. Is it telling you or no?

No no, I loved somebody so much and she’s gone right now. I want to die. Try. [Life] Says hell with her, I want to live, this [life] says. Stock market crashed, I lost all my money, I want to die. Try. Life says hell with your stock market, I want to live. Yes or no? Are you life oriented or are you death oriented? This is the question.

Are you life oriented or are you death oriented? This is the question

Because, life is very brief, but death is very long. Hello? People who died, have died for a long time, isn’t it? People who lived, just lived for a few years. There is no long life. Only a miserable person has a long life. Otherwise, there is no long life. Where is long life? Even I am becoming old. Hello? One who is exuberant and joyful and involved, where is long life? It’s just bloody brief life. Yes or no? I bless you with a brief life. Not in terms of time, but in terms of experience.