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Why are disembodied beings (ghosts) drawn to a tamarind tree, or a yogi or to cobra? Can possession by disembodied beings be nullified? If yes, then how? What really is heaven and hell? How is it determined whether one will go to heaven or hell? What happens when one consciously sheds their body?


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Secrets of the dead

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

Disembodies beings are drawn to certain situations

This disembodied life has no discriminatory mind. It will tend to go by it’s tendencies. Whatever Karmic substance, which is still not dissolved, which will form a certain type of tendency, will drive it in certain directions. Certain directions means, wherever there is life, and the life is of such a nature, that it breathes minimally.

For e.g., a Tamarind tree. If you go and watch other trees, you will see lot of birds will be sitting, for the nights rest. No bird will settle down on a Tamarind tree, because the level of Oxygen around the Tamarind tree is extremely low.

It may also move in the direction of a Yogi, who has a certain mastery over his breath. Because he is not breathing as much as others are breathing.

A Cobra also has a certain influence on this life, simply because it holds it breath for long periods of time.


Possession by disembodied beings can be nullified

There are hundreds of people who think they are possessed and all this. There is a science like that. One can use energies negatively to cause harm to somebody else. It’s mostly receded. Very little of that is happening. But if you live in certain areas, certain parts of the country, this is very rampant.

One thing is, if you have such impacts, you come and sit in the sphere of Dhyanalinga – because there are occult dimensions to Dhyanalinga which just nullifies all this. One Pournami or Amavasya when you, things are more receptive for you, just one day, just sit there and go – that’s all. It gets taken care of.


Disembodied beings can experience heaven or hell

Your physical body is something that you have loaned from the planet on which you are living. When the time comes, the planet will claim it back. But the other dimensions of you, especially the Karmic shell, continues to play.

If it is in a certain level of awareness, the disembodied being is in a certain state of pleasantness. It is this that is being referred to as heaven. Because they have left their physical body in a certain state of awareness, they enjoy the sweetness for a certain period of time. A holiday – a vacation, before you take on another physical body.

Similarly, if people leave in certain states of fear, anxiety, anger, in certain states of ignorance – the karmic shell has acquired a certain kind of unpleasantness about itself. This unpleasantness is what we refer to as hell.


One can consciously shed the body

Normally when somebody dies, you say this person is no more. But that’s not the truth. He is no more the way you experience him, but he still is in many other ways.

Don’t take body lightly, it is not a small imprisonment. Unless you break it open, you can’t leave it, isn’t it? But when one realizes, how they got in – now they know how to leave.

If a person consciously sheds the body, without damaging the body in any way – like you shed your clothes, you shed your body fully consciously – then we say, this is ‘Mahasamadhi’. When a person leaves like this, that’s the end. Truly no more. Once again whatever you called as ‘myself’, has justt dissolved and become a part of the cosmos. Full circle, from nothing to nothing.


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