The 4 stages of life: Every parent must tell their children

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Question: I have a one year old child. But nothing in my 20 years of education trained me to be parent. Is parenting supposed to come naturally?   Sadhguru talks about the deficiency in the current education system, and explains the Varnashrama Dharma (Different stages of life) Balavastha (0 - 12 years), Brahmcharya (learning and discipline) (12 - 24 years), Grihasta (24 - 48 years), Sanyas (48 - 60 years) & Vanaprastha (living in the forest) (60 years - till the end of life). He emphasizes that it's very important for all parents to know this, and to also explain this to their children.


Duration: 12:27 min


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