The fierce energy of Velliangiri Mountains

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Sadhguru tells the story of Adiyogi who came down South, and went up the Velliangiri Mountains, and the reason why it exudes such intense fierce energy, and how one can access this energy. He also tells about the fierce Yogis who have graced the Velliangiri Mountains.


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The fierce energy of Velliangiri Mountains

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

Adiyogi himself was in a state of distress. Or maybe distress is a strong word. When he was in a certain state of acrimony with himself, when he could not fulfil the promise that he kind of made to a devotee – because he got deceived by some other forces. He was disappointed and angry with himself, in a certain state of despondent. In that state he came and sat here [Velliangiri mountains]. Probably most of you know the story of why he became like this.

He [Shiva] was disappointed and angry with himself, in a certain state of despondent. In that state he came and sat here [Velliangiri mountains]

To put it very simply – a South Indian woman, south south, the very tip of the subcontinent, which is today… for a long time it’s been known as Nagercoil, which means the ‘serpent temple’. Today the very tip is known as Kanyakumari – where the three oceans meet and merge. So, really down south, a woman devotee expressed her love for him. She set a date for him – no, she was not having a date with him – she set a date for him, that by this day… by this day sunrise, if you do not appear and marry me, I will shed my body.

So, when he looked at her, when he looked South and saw the intensity with which she was saying this – he knew that this is for good, I mean this is for real. That she is actually going to leave her body, if he does not make it. So, he started his journey. From the upper regions of Himalayas down south. So, he is just trying to meet the deadline, but there are any number of people who don’t want him to marry a South Indian woman! So, they put various types of obstacles in his way, but he ignored all that and he came on.

When he came very close to this place, when he was just 22 Kilometers away – what they did was, they put up a huge heap of camphor and lit it, far away. In the early morning mist, when there is mist, every particle of water in the air acts like a magnifying glass – and it just blew up in such a big way, that it actually looked like a sunrise. Then they told him – Sun has come up, she would have left her body anyway. What are you going there for? He was just 22 Kilometers away from that place. Then he saw the whole place being lit up by the sunrise, which was actually a camphor hill that they lit. He felt totally dejected with himself, that he couldn’t make it in time, and he turned back. So that place today is known as Suchindram. And, he walked up this [Velliangiri mountains] way. Went up this mountain and sat there – despondent, angry, in a state of self-acrimony. He did not sit there blissfully. He sat there very intense. Angry, not with someone else… for his own failure.

So, because he sat here in that condition, which is rare, the place acquired a completely different kind of intensity. A completely different kind of quality by itself. And, it bred a whole series of Yogis, who went to do sadhana there, because Shiva himself sat there. And, they acquired this quality. They walked with the same rage and intensity. Not rage about anybody, simply – simply angry … not about anything. So, a whole series of Yogis came from that.

If you’ve seen the pictures of Sadhguru Sri Brahma – he looks like that, that Veerappan would look like a kindergarten child! Veerappan would look innocent and baby faced, that’s how he looked. He simply walked in anger, all the time. Not about anybody. Extremely compassionate, but just angry. So, this was not the first one. A whole series of them, like this. Because, they got their push from the energy at the peak of this mountain, and they acquired this.

The energy, the intensity of what this mountain [Velliangiri] can transmit, what this peak can do to people – is too phenomenal

For them, for this series of Yogis who came, for them – the only transmission that they would trust is that of the Adiyogi. They are not the kind to trust anything else. They are not the kind to trust any other human being on the planet. Only if it comes from him, it’s real for them, otherwise it’s not. So, they grew in this… because here Adiyogi sat in a certain state of fierceness, despondence, and a kind of acrimonious condition within himself – the very peak acquired that quality. Divine, but in a different way. They became that kind. You don’t know how much it’s taken to culture ‘this’ [pointing to self] one. To civilise this one, to make it look – I know, I still don’t look civilised. But at least – if you don’t look at my face, I’m sounding civilised, haven’t I?

So, the energy, the intensity of what this mountain [Velliangiri] can transmit, what this peak can do to people – is too phenomenal. If we have to generate this kind of energy, enormous amount of work has to be done, enormous. Here it is ready, sitting there. All you have to do is – just look up, and say Shiva! All you have to do is – look up and be receptive to it. When such a energy basis is available… this is a kind of energy that can be a base for a whole spiritual revolution, which can go through the country, or through the world. This is not an exhaustible kind, it is an inexhaustible kind. It’s not something that will run out. It’s something, the more you draw, the more forceful it becomes.

We would like this to happen to the whole world, but I’m thinking right now – you know, I’m getting old – I’m thinking more modest these days. I’m thinking, at least people, who happen to be born in Tamilnadu, should not spend their life. without ever being in touch with this energy. This must happen at least for these 62 million people. We don’t want to leave out the country. But I feel if it happens to all of Tamilnadu – Tamil people are very effervescent people. I’m sure they will make sure the rest of the country shakes with that energy too – if all of them get it.

For me personally, the mountain is of great significance because my Guru chose to leave his body there too

For me personally, the mountain is of great significance because my Guru chose to leave his body there too. And, I’ve still not dared to step into that space. I know where it is, but I still don’t have the temerity to step upon his grave. So, I’m staying away from it for now. So, this is a mountain of a temple. If you have to create that kind of energy, what it takes is not simple. It’s not simple at all. It would be phenomenal work. So monumental, it’s almost humanly impossible – that kind of work. But it’s all done and kept ready, just in a natural form. If we don’t make use of this, this would be very foolish. Especially for the local population, it would be extremely stupid not to make use of this energy. Because this can transform everything that human being is. And we can breed more angry Yogis. Wonderful beings, but who don’t have to pretend to be kind and gentle and compassionate. They are simply the way they are. They are just like the wild. They are like a tiger in the forest. Or a tusker that tramples through everything. But whatever it does is still useful.

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