The root cause of your suffering

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You're suffering your bondages, you're chained to something you're suffering that, understandable. But, you're suffering because you're free. Most human beings are suffering because they're free. They're ...


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The root cause of your suffering

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

You’re suffering your bondages, you’re chained to something you’re suffering that, understandable. But, you’re suffering because you’re free. Most human beings are suffering because they’re free. They’re always trying to bind themselves to something or somebody all the time because freedom scares them, because freedom is a pathless, path freedom is an open terrain, there’s no fixed line. Because there is no fixed pathway, most people feel terrified. But, the highest value in human life is freedom, isn’t it so? Hello? In this culture, the highest value in this culture is not god, not heaven. Mukti, moksha, liberation, freedom is the highest value established, that no matter what you do, you must seek mukti. You can do whatever you do with your life, but all that process should be towards your liberation, you must be moving towards higher and higher levels of freedom on a daily basis. Otherwise your life is not worth it because you’re getting entangled with the process of life. Even if you go to heaven, it’s an entanglement. See, I’m sure before you joined IIT, you’re still keeping Bombay, right? I see. Before you joined IIT, when you have written your, you know, whatever entrance tests and stuff, only thing is somehow I want to get in, I want to get in. Because it’s like heaven, entering heaven. No matter what, I want to get in. That’s the only thing I want. After you get in, see how many problems. I’m asking you a simple question, being on this planet, do you have any proof that you are not already in heaven and making a mess out of it? Do you have any proof? Suppose you took off from the solar system and looked down at the solar system, whatever these 12-14 planets and satellites and works. Does planet earth definitely look like a heavenly body among all these? Yes or no? So you are already on heaven and making a mess out of it and now you want to go to another heaven. This culture does not value heaven, does not value god, values only freedom. We want to be even free from the creation and the creator. Mukti, moksha is the ultimate value because this is not a philosophical value, this is not a religious value, this is something every life is longing for. Only thing is, most human beings are short-sighted that they long for it in installments.

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