What if you lived forever!

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What does it mean to be a human be-ing?


Human being means, you know how to be. That's one thing you don't know unfortunately, right now. Now if you have to be, we have to come down to a few fundamentals. Are you mortal or immortal? No, no, no ...


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What if you lived forever!

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

Human being means, you know how to be. That’s one thing you don’t know unfortunately, right now. Now if you have to be, we have to come down to a few fundamentals. Are you mortal or immortal? No, no, no look at it and tell me. Are you mortal or immortal, genuinely tell me. Oh that means you’re saying you’ll die one day. It’s okay, it’s okay you will die one day. I’ll bless you with a long life, but you will die anyway with the blessing. Because this is the nature of life. It has to die, isn’t it? And how glad I am that you will die. Because if you lived forever, it would be a lot of trouble, isn’t it? With a brief amount of time, what a mess we’re making. Suppose you would not die, total mess, isn’t it? It’s good to die. Hello? Is it good to die? At an appropriate time, not today. At an appropriate time, is it good for all of us to die? I want you to understand this. This is one thing that human beings have not come to terms with. If they just learn to handle their mortality gracefully, life opens up in tremendous ways. Right now, yes Sadhguru, but my horoscope says I will live till 90. Your horoscope may say whatever, even the man who wrote your horoscope could have died before his horoscope said so. The only reason, the only reason you behave reasonably sensibly is because you’re mortal. Yes or no? If you’re immortal, what all you would do, oh my god. When you’re driving in Kolkata, there are some immortal people crossing the street. You’ve seen them right? Immortal, they are. If an automobile touches them, there is an enormous amount of pain involved and there could be death. In spite of that, many people are going about the way they’re going. Just imagine, if you made that person immortal, the level of atrocity that would happen in this world. So the only reason why a lot of people are behaving reasonably sensibly is because of mortality. Have you seen some friend or maybe it’s just you, going on totally, valiantly. Suddenly your doctor told you, it looks like your kidney, or your heart going down. Maybe you have, if you don’t correct this, maybe in six months you will die. Suddenly did you see how disciplined they became? They got up in the morning, did their yoga, ate right, did everything right. Have you seen these people? Entire life transformed simply because they were reminded of mortality.

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