What is Dark Energy – Kaala?

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Sadhguru tells us that 99% of the cosmos is no manifest. Today modern physicists are saying that this unmanifest dark dimension is very powerful. They refer to it as 'dark energy'. In India, traditionally, this is referred as 'Kaala'. Kaala means both time and space. Because there is time, there is space. Sadhguru simplifies the genesis of creation, through the story of 'shiva', 'shakti' and 'rudra'.


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What is Dark Energy – Kaala?

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

Ninety Nine percent of the cosmos is unmanifest. But today modern physicists are saying this unmanifest dimension of the existence is tremendously powerful. They’re saying largely it’s unmanifest, it is dark. And we don’t know what it is. So we’re calling it dark energy.

Here in this culture, the yogic culture, we always refer to this as Kaala. There are two aspects, in India, in this culture, we don’t have two separate words for time and space. Time is also Kaala, space is also Kaala. Kaala means darkness. Darkness means space.

Time is also Kaala, space is also Kaala

So, you must understand this, in your experience of life, right now, because of the nature of the visual apparatus you have, you can only see that which stops light. You can see this hand because it is stopping light. Something so vital as air generally you cannot see it, because it doesn’t stop light. Unless you happen to be in Delhi of course. Here you can see the air.

So anything that does not stop light, is not in your perception. Because for you to see, it has to stop and reflect light. Only then you will see it. So, what is considered space is dark, because it doesn’t stop light. Light may be going through, but you don’t see it, because light was not stopped by anything. So, all that dimension that you cannot see is dark for you. So, that dimension of space is referred to as Kaala.

And time also is Kaala. Here we are seeing, within our experience, we see time is the basis of space. In the sense only because there is time, point a and point b are possible. Generally logical thinking would be, because there is a distance there is time. No – because there is time, distance is possible, space is possible. So, we don’t have two words for this. Kaala means time, Kaala means space.

Shiva means ‘that which is not’

So this dimension of unmanifested existence is called Shi-va. Shiva means ‘that which is not’. When ‘that which is not’ is just there, if a little bit of energy play happened, which we refer to as shakti, suddenly he roared. When he roared he took the form of an ellipsoid. This is what we refer to as the linga, or the first form. So, we said that which was shiva, that which was unmanifest, when it manifested, it came out in the form of a roar. A roar means a Rudra. A roarer is a Rudra. He roared for a period of time so that face is called as Rudra. When he settled down, he settled down into many manifestations today that we refer to as creation.

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