What is Tantra & Occult?

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In this talk, Sadhguru tells is about the occult sciences. This dark art, is not always life-negative. Occult can be of the highest order. Sadhguru says, occult means a certain capability, a certain technology - so in some way, every Guru is an occultist. That way, technology is also a kind of an occult. As modern technology has progressed, the relevance of occult has receded. Sadhguru says, unfortunately today, Tantra is misunderstood as 'unbridled promiscuity'. Tantra means technology, it means certain capability. Tantra actually requires extreme discipline. It is learning to use your own body and your own mind like an outside instrument - as you would use a computer. Without Tantrik capabilities one can not be a Guru. One can be a sage, who blesses. But blessings are without any discretion!


Duration: 15:14 min


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