What is the right food for our body?

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Health means much more than just absence of ailments. Unless one puts the right kind of fuel, the machine does not work properly – same goes with the body. The body goes through huge suffering in trying to cope up with wrong kind of food and is one of the main reasons of ill health


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What is the right food for our body?

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

When we say health – if someone says you have no ailment, it does not mean you are healthy. When you wake up in the morning, are you feeling alive and bouncy, or not? The word health comes from the word – Whole. You must have a certain sense of wholeness of body, mind, energy and the fundamental nature of your existence. If all these things are in alignment, now when you wake up in the morning, you feel like you are just born. If this happens to you, that means you are healthy.

Bring 40 to 50% of the food in its raw form. That means it’s alive.

One simple thing all your girls can do is, just bring 40 to 50% of the food in its raw form. That means it’s alive. It must be a live cell. It can be a vegetable, it can be a fruit, it can be a nut, it can be sprouted gram. At least forty to fifty percent, the food that you eat must be alive. You eat dead food and you want to live, this is a little difficult thing to do. Because you have to raise the dead now.

When you cook the food – to digest the food all the ingredients necessary for digestion are not in the body alone. The food also brings these enzymes. When you cook the food you are largely destroying these enzymes. Minus the enzymes when you eat, now the body has to struggle to reconstruct that part that has been destroyed, and then only it can digest. Normally first one one and a half hours after eating, it tends to take the body down. After that slowly it recovers. Have you noticed this?

So food is for energy. But we are making the food in such a way, that it takes away energy in the first one and a half hours. Only after that slowly it comes back. Anyway however good your digestive process is, still you can never reconstitute all the enzymes that we have destroyed by cooking. Only partly we can do that. If your digestive process is very strong and good, you reconstitute about 40 to 50 percent, of what’s been destroyed. If it is a little timid kind of digestion, it’s much less. So whichever way, if you’re eating cooked food, 50 to 60 percent of the food that you’re eating is generally going waste. But the body has to still process that. And the amount of energy that it spends, and the amount of trauma that it goes through, is very big.

If you put the right kind of fuel [food], this [body] will be on in a certain way

Food means many things to many people, but essentially for the body it’s the fuel. If you put the right kind of fuel, this will be on in a certain way. If you put the wrong kind of fuel somehow it will manage. I’m not telling you eat this way, eat that way. Just experiment and see. Alright, just experiment and see. Tonight if you go instead of eating whatever cooked food, just eat fruits and see. Tomorrow morning you will not need an alarm bell. You will wake up before the alarm bell.

And you will see all these eyes will not be sticking like this like that. You wake up instantly you’re bright and alert. People do not know what it means to be at absolute ease within their body. 95% of the people do not know this, unfortunately, because you put the wrong kind of fuel.

You can keep this body like a breeze. Simply, it goes ahead of you. You don’t have to drag it wherever you go. It must float ahead of you. You can do this, just putting the right kind of fuel.

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