Why Gorakhnath, the great Yogi, was punished by his Guru?

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Gorakhnath was a highly accomplished Yogi with fierce love and devotion for his guru. He went on to establish one of the most widespread spiritual movement in India. Even today, The Gorakhnath followers (called "Nathis") are fierce saadhakas (yogic practitioners) and many have "attained", showing the richness of the system even after thousands of years. Gorakhnath's guru - Matsyendranath, considered by many as Shiva himself, was a realised being. What did Gorakhnath do to earn his guru's ire that he had to be punished? What is the story behind one of the most difficult Yoga posture called 'Gorakhnath asnaa' and what has it got to do with this punishment?


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