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Sadhguru says, the kind of comfort and convenience that we live in, nobody has seen this before. If you want to stop worrying, the most important thing to do right now is to shift our attention from 'lifestyle' to life.


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How to stop worrying?

The following is an unedited transcript of Sadhguru's video. For better readability, breaks and highlights have been added by the editors.

This is a time to understand, our focus should be on the nature of our life, and the quality of this life. Right now most people’s focus is on their lifestyle. So, everybody is crying about the loss of lifestyle.

I’m saying if you have life, it’s good enough. Lifestyle is just of our times. If all of us were here a thousand years ago, maybe all of us would be living in huts. Those people that you think in Mumbai are very poor, maybe we would be in same kind of squalor, and we wouldn’t mind, we thought it’s fine, all right. So, right now, somebody else is living in a better house, comparing myself to that person, now I suffer my home. This need not be so. Do not be committed to lifestyle. Your commitment should be to make this life as beautiful as possible. If you shift this focus, we will go through any kind of time.

Do not be committed to lifestyle

We must understand this compared to previous generations of people – there were world wars, there were famines, there were terrible events that happened in the world, and including in India, all right. This generation we’ve not seen anything like that. This is a bad one, but still it’s a soft ball. If you behave responsibly, it is not going to hit you. However responsible you are, if a war is happening, bombs would, you know bullets and bombs would just kill you, it doesn’t matter where you are. I’m saying that way as a generation of people, in terms of comforts and conveniences, no generation ever had these kind of comforts and conveniences. No generation had survival better organized than this generation. We just have to make sure nobody starves, that’s all. Rest of it is only loss of lifestyle. Don’t make big fuss about it.

This is a time for every human being to build themselves into a higher possibility

This is a time for every human being to build themselves into a higher possibility. Either in your competence, in your emotion, in your thought, in your experience of life, in your joyfulness, in your peacefulness, in every way please use this time to upgrade yourself. When time to act in the world becomes open, you will be in a great advantage, rather than sitting and crying.

Right now WHO is saying that it is not just this pandemic, there is going to be a mental pandemic, and there’s going to be a suicide pandemic. See, our problem is if we get one problem we want to multiply it into many. No. If you get one problem, let’s see how to handle that. Don’t multiply it in your head. Yes it is a serious issue, it’s not a joke. Yes, there is tremendous losses for everybody. But focus on being committed to your life, not your lifestyle, then you will see everything will change in many ways.

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