Your kids clothes are making them sick!

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Ailments in kids is on the rise. And one significant cause is the clothes that they wear. Children should only wear clothes made out of natural fiber, at least till the age of 15.


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Your kids clothes are making them sick!

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But the poly fiber, the amount of damage it’s causing – the way it enters the body, especially children are wearing poly fiber. Because poly fiber is very, you know, flammable, because of that they are coating it with uh you know, fire resistant chemicals. These chemicals have been found to be carcinogenic. The many problems that uh children are facing today, young children having thyroid problems is largely connected with this non-flammable chemicals, that they are using on the clothes. Plus autism, various things are associated with this. How many problems you’re getting out of this you do not know, but for sure, many many problems are coming your way. A child till 15-16 years of age should never wear anything poly fiber. They must wear organic clothing. Not that adults can, but at least you are more resistant to those things beyond 17-18 years of age. But till then it is very important you must wear organic fiber. But now the problem is how many clothes do you have? And you can’t do that with cotton, or silk, or something, so you end up buying poly poly, okay! It’s cheaper so a lot a lot of them are going for… See even cotton and other things can be made cheaper if we increase the volume. So one simple thing that I’m suggesting is, you have influence in Telangana, you must push for this. I’m pushing for this in some states that, at least the school uniforms must be Cotton or linen, whatever they can afford, all right. But it should not be poly fiber. You cannot recycle, only one percent is being recycled. Because nobody uses uh this poly fiber just as it is. It is always mixed in a complex mix to get various textures and whatever. So you can never recycle that complex material. If it was just pure nylon, or pure poly fiber, we could have recycled it. You cannot recycle it because it’s mixed with various other things. So recycling is not possible. Only one percent of the poly fiber that you’re using in terms of clothing is being recycled. Rest is just going into nature, and it’s coming back to us in so many different ways. The credit card in your heart.



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