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Sadhguru was at Christ University, Bengaluru on 21 February, 2019. Interacting with students during a lively QnA session, Sadhguru brought clarity and offered refreshing perspectives on various issues relevant to youth. Q1: How do we youth balance between rights and responsibilities? Q2: How to I build my self-esteem? Q3: I find no purpose in studying. ...


7:05 min

How do we youth balance between rights and responsibilities?


First question for today Sadhguru. I being a law student, give a lot of importance to the 'rights' that I posess, which is basically the fundamental rights that we are talking about. So, I think I should probably be allowed to sleep during classes, because that comes under the purview of article 21, right to life and liberty. But, I also have a sense of responsibility that I should stay awake and focus on what is taught. So, How do we youth handle the rights and responsibilities? If I can say, how do we youth balance between rights and responsibilities?

13:21 min

How to build my self-esteem?


So, the second question is - I often find myself in a situation where I am not happy with myself. I compare my abilities, achievements, and even my appearance, with that of others. Also, I think since I’m a humanities student, people around me constantly compare me with my other friends who have taken up medicine or engineering. And that really puts me off. And I think that’s one reason for my low self esteem. How do you think I can build up on my self esteem and get rid of the self hatred that I have?

10:36 min

I find no purpose in studying. What else to do?


And, the next question is - I am sure many of my friends will relate to this question. We find no purpose in what we are studying, and we feel we’re studying just for the sake of marks. And, we feel, most of the time, we regret the decisions we have made. We feel trapped sitting inside the classroom. We want to go outside, explore the world, learn, and do a lot of things outside the classroom. But we’re also scared. If not studies, what else to do? If not studies, what should we be doing in our lives? How to get rid of this confusion?

9:58 min

I feel worn out, with no interest & enthusiasm in life. What to do?


The next question is - There are times when you feel worn out. It might be because of the external pressure, or emotional trauma that we’re going through. Or because of the lack of inner strength. In such a situation, or such a circumstance, what do you think would help us get back our interest and enthusiasm in life?

6:50 min

How to help someone who is suicidal?


Sadhguru, just a follow up question to that - In helplessness, many youngsters start thinking about taking the extreme step of ending their life. On this topic, many questions were asked. One of them is, many of my close friends are suicidal. What could I do to help my friends to get rid of this thought? And, they don’t want to do yoga.

6:30 min

In our busy schedule, how to make time for yoga?


Sadhguru, a lot of us youth, how do we make time for it? How do we make time to do sadhana? Because, we’re so tied up. We probably stay up a little late completing projects and assignments. Not just the youth, a lot of the seniors also. They probably stay up till 12 O’clock, 1 O’clock and then wake up again by 6 O’clock in the morning, and then rush to their work offices by 7-8 O’clock. I personally leave my house by 7-8 O’clock and reach college by 9. So, how do I make time? Not just me, there are other people who probably have the same question? So, how do we deal with it?

5:57 min

Is euthanasia ok?


Speaking about how it is very important to realize about life and death. So, because I did not decide to be born. A lot of us, we did not decide to be born. But certain countries have taken up this issue of euthanasia very seriously. And they have legalized this, pulling off the plug. So do you think man is prudent enough to pull the plug?

6:56 min

With complicated instruments of body & mind, how can one live a simple life?


The next question is - Sadhguru, human body is made up of an unimaginable number of atoms, particles, and molecules. And, even the mind is really very complicated. With these two complicated instruments, how is one expected to live a simple life?

3:20 min

Is it alright to be ordinary?


So, the question is - Sadhguru, is it alright to be ordinary? Or should I be special in something? And this question is asked by Shruti.  

10:50 min

What is the right age to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?


So, the next question has been asked by Rahul. What is the right age to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?  

6:38 min

How do I see Adiyogi both as self-born and unborn?


My name is Anjana, from the department of management studies. So, my question is, how do I see or understand Adiyogi as a swayambhu, which is self born, and aja, as unborn, since both are contradictory. Also, he’s referred to as limitless, and nothingness. So can you please state your opinion?  

5:22 min

How to make right decisions?


Namaskaram Sadhguru. My name is Prashant. My question to you is - whenever we make decisions, there’s always the right or wrong decision. Whether the decision taken is right or wrong, is only eventually realized. How will I know if I’m taking the right decision or if I'm making a wrong decision?  

2:51 min

How to learn to accept the truth?


Namaste Sadhguru. My name is Lekashree, I am from Institute of Management. My question is - how to learn to accepting the truth? Because most of the time, truth is bitter and it is a hard path. So I always tend to make few adjustments and assumptions, which will make my life little easy, but I’m far from the truth. So how do I start learning to accept the truth, and following the hard path and being right.  

3:59 min

What are your views on present day art?


Good evening. I am Sindhuja from department of Life Sciences. I would like to know your opinion on present day art. Like, the modern art, the films, the videos. And its influence on the present day generation.  

2:58 min

Aren’t sadness, grief, guilt, anger emotions that we learn from & grow?


I am from the department of Management studies. You were talking about how important happiness is. And to be happy, so much so, that you can’t sleep. But I believe that emotions like sadness, grief, guilt, anger are beacons of our values. Should I push these emotions away or should I try to learn from them and enjoy the experience of life? Because life is all about ups and downs, and it’s not just about the ups.