Why is there so much disparity & strife in the world?

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Sadhguru @ Columbia University


Namaskar Sadhguru. My name is Radha Kulkarni, and I am a Columbia alum. And studied policy here, and not business. And I work at the United Nations now. But before I get to my question, your talks are both inspiring and grounding at the same time - and that's a difficult balance. So, thank you so much for coming to Columbia, and speaking with us. Much appreciated. So, my question to you Sadhguru is that, there is so much suffering in the world. Like, when I travel for work, or otherwise, one observes that on the one hand there is lack of even basic peace or there is so much violence, and on the other hand there is even lack of basic resources, and abject poverty. So, I would be curious to hear your perspective on why does every single person have such different starting points in life. Which would mean, like a child based in Africa, doesn't even have water and perhaps will die of malnutrition - has a very different starting point than say, a billionaires child who is perhaps sitting somewhere in the middle of North America. So, Why this disparity? And then, how and where it sits in the larger scheme of things or in the cycle of cosmos or life, if that’s what we call it? And also then, that gets me to the question, then who are we?  


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