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On 15 February, 2019, Sadhguru was at Harvard University, as part of the Youth and Truth movement. Watch the vibrant QnA session that followed as Sadhguru answered students’ questions on a wide range of topics. Q1: How can one be detached to results? Q2: Inner work or outer work - what should be my priority? Q3: Can good Karma cancel out bad karma? ...


9:23 min

How can one be detached to results?


So our first question is, in the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna advises us to keep putting in effort without being attached to the results. But, I find it incredibly hard to keep working and not obsess over the results. And, I would love to know how we can better practice putting in effort while being detached to the results.

10:23 min

Inner work or outer work – what should be my priority?


Taking forward the theme, Sadhguru, about the process inside and work outside. When we look around the country today, we see so many problems affecting our fellow Indians. Poverty, discrimination on the basis of religion and caste, and inequality. And of course, when I look inside myself also there are problems. I’m very far from having a good process, I’m definitely not a yogi. So what is the relationship between this work which I need to do inside and the work which I need to do outside? Can I do both? Do I need to do one before the other? How can I go about this? Because I don’t feel like accepting I can do either one or the other.

8:46 min

Can good Karma cancel out bad karma? What is good karma?


Sadhguru, one question on Karma. So, can good karma cancel out bad karma? And is our life predestined or can we change it by karma? And, what is good karma?

5:12 min

How can we justify a woman not wanting a child?


For a woman who chooses not to be a mother. So she has chosen you as an advocate for her case. And you have to fight the case. What are the arguments that you would give for a woman who doesn’t want to bear a child?

6:02 min

How can we stop rapes and sexual harassment?


I personally feel, Sadhguru, that there’s this phenomenon of castration anxiety in India. Castration anxiety, something related to male ego. We see that this male ego has been somewhere hidden behind rapes that happen, sexual harassment that happen. A lot of gender disparity. I wouldn’t say this is the only reason, but somewhere hidden behind. And we never address it upfront. And all of these acts are acts of shame. But there is a sense of pride associated with it. How can we change the sense of pride to a sense of shame?

5:15 min

What is the role of a spiritual leader in politics?


So, last question Sadhguru. So, in today’s society, many influential people, judges or senior civil services, armed forces officials - they don’t express their personal political views in public, because the thinking is that they hold a post which should be beyond any political party. Now, what do you think the role of a spiritual leader should be when you’re thinking about politics?

8:04 min

Isn’t Mahashivaratri an outdated religious festival?


Sadhguru, you speak so logically and it makes sense to me. But at the same time, you’re celebrating the religious festival of Mahashivaratri in a grand way at the Isha Yoga Centre. For a young person like me, these religious festivals seem like outdated rituals. So I want to know what is the relevance of Mahashivaratri to the youth?

6:43 min

How can we give back to society?


Thank you so much for coming here. I just wanted to ask you about how we can contribute back to society and give back? Because everyone keeps talking about contributing and contributing, but it’s really hard for each person to come up. I just want to hear your thoughts on that.

4:48 min

Isn’t your response to Q4 & Q5 contradictory?


Sadhguru, your thoughts, I would say, or I would say your answers about the questions on pregnancy [...]. Your thoughts on whether women should bear children, or not bear children, and the choice thereof was a beautiful answer [...]. And, your answer about rapes, or increasing cases of rapes, or them being a sort of a social crime but also there is an association of pride etc, that was the question. And both the answers in and of themselves were honest answers, but together is it possible that there was in your two answers, perhaps an unconscious bias or double standard, because in the answer to pregnancy you said, 'oh, it is just your primal instinct, a biological need for you to care about a certain person. You should grow beyond it'. And, in your answer about rape, 'Oh, humans have [...]. Is it possible that in these two answers there is perhaps a subconscious bias? Or am I reading it wrong? Those two answers to me seem like - 'oh, this is biological let it go, oh this is biological, it won’t go.'