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(JNU) Jawaharlal Nehru University is major research university located in New Delhi, India. The university is known for leading faculties and research emphasis on liberal arts and applied sciences. As part of 'Youth and Truth' initiative, watch the vibrant QnA session as Sadhguru answered student's questions on a wide range of topics. Q1: What is truth ...


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What is truth and who qualifies you to answer all kinds of questions?


Sadhguru, so the first question is, when we introduce this 'youth & truth' campaign to our students and scholars in JNU, the initial resistance was - the very premises of 'Youth & Truth' campaign. What truth per say is? And who qualifies you to answer all kinds of questions?

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Should students remain neutral and not identify with any political ideology?


Sadhguru, next question is, you know JNU is a very politically vibrant campus. And it is impossible, or impractical to be apolitical in this campus. One way, or other way, we are labelled to a particular ideology, right, left, center. I give you an example - when I came to this campus, I did not get hostel immediately. So, a student activist came to me, he told me to come to his room. I went to his room. And when I saw there, there were seven students already staying there in a tiny room. So, I refused to stay there, and I stayed outside the campus. But a large section of M.A. & B.A. students who stay there, and since they are staying there, it is an obligation to participate in political activities. So, if they participate in a particular activities, they are labelled as belonging to a particular ideology. Second example, whenever we give a particular opinion, maybe on campus issues, or national issues, or international issues, we are labelled to have a particular ideology. My question to you, Sadhguru, how can a student remain neutral or free thinking?

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Should I be apologetic about my success?


Sadhguru, now I am afraid to even ask my question, because my question is - I am a student activist. I get multiple opportunities to represent my organization on various platforms, especially media. And, in doing so, I garner immense recognition. But, when I interact with the same students and youth, among which I have that recognition, they expect me to practice humility overtly. So why, for a woman in politics specially, why am I expected to be apologetic about my success for the good work that I’m doing?

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Should university students be involved in politics?


Sadhguru, we would like to little further this question here. Though, it is a dangerous question to be asked here in this campus. So, when I entered the campus as a student, I used to think, why to enter in politics? Just make my career and leave the university. So I had this careerist orientation in life. What do you think about, is studentship and politics - is it a good mix? Overall, is it a good mix?

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Is Sadhguru left-wing or right-wing?


We want a little clarification on this. So Sadhguru, in one of your earlier videos, you have mentioned having those leftist orientations. You have been involved in putting posters. And you have been in that league of attending late night meetings, and putting posters and all that. But when we were interacting with the students on the campus, we found out that there is this dominant perception about Sadhguru being right-wing. So you have tried to explain it earlier as well. But Sadhguru, this perception is because you have supported the government earlier on the issue of demonetization, and later on having no bomb blast occurred in the country. So has Sadhguru turned right-wing now?

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What is research, especially in social science?


Sadhguru, let us move from politics to research. So, JNU is well known for research. And there are 8,000 students on this campus. More than 50% of the students are into research. Sadhguru, a question has been bothering me for many years. And since you told us to ask any question, my question is, what is research? Especially in social science.

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How to reconcile between logic and spirituality?


In research, we are taught to emphasize five senses and logic. When it comes to spirituality, in many videos you said, five senses and logic would not help you to access reality. So how to reconcile between these two - research and spirituality?

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What is your idea of feminism?


Sadhguru, another very important concept, which is very important in this campus is feminism. And, in one of your earlier videos, you have said that feminists are just desperately trying to be men. But still Sadhguru, what is your idea of feminism?

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Is it ok to have pre-marital sex?


Sadhguru, we as students stay away from our homes, from the familial emotional comforts. In terms of our careers, we move out seeking greener pastures. In that we seek company in opposite sex. Some people get into relationships which gradually progress to physical intimacy. Sadhguru, the question is, then why as generations, we cannot discuss it openly? Or is pre-marital sex still a taboo?

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Are monogamous relationships no longer relevant?


Sadhguru, though I get a little hint of the answer of my question from your elaboration. But, still I will ask it. So, I had this belief, in fact maybe I was made to believe this whole concept of one life - one partner. But, now when I see or observe that the whole monogamous relationships do not seem to be existing anymore. The whole idea of it is gone. What do you think about it?

5:56 min

Are illuminati & secret societies ruling our world?


Sadhguru, thank you so much for the elaboration. It was extremely valuable and precious for us. The different reflections that you had on the various aspects of life that came up in our questions and also in your answers. Before we open this house for the wonderful audience tonight, we would like to take up some social media questions. And, the first question is by Aniket Diwadkar. He says - Hi guruji. In recent days, I came across several contents about illuminati. Secret society - who are ruling our whole world using the media, finance network, and pharma politics. Even many leaders, gurujis, and priests are under their control.

4:06 min

Can wasting our semen damage us spiritually?


Sadhguru, second question from social media. Aryan Sen asking this question. How important is a man’s semen for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being? Can wasting our semen damage us spiritually?

7:59 min

How do we turn inwards and what do we see ?


Namaskaram Guruji. Guruji, you said that less than 1% of the people tap into their genius. You have always told us to turn inwards. So, how do we turn inward and what do we look at? I am saying that only 1% of the people tap into their genius, and you say that you need to turn inward to tap into your genius. How do we turn inward and what do we see?

3:30 min

Why have you stop saying “India is the biggest living democracy”?


Hello Sir. My name is Mohammad Akmal, and I am a student of JNU. My question to you is that, you said, when you were in the United States, you always said there that India is the biggest living democracy. But now after 4 years you have stopped saying this. What made you to stop saying this thing now? Why have you stopped saying this thing, that now we are not the biggest living democracy?

3:21 min

How to handle conflict with our parents?


Hello Sadhguru. My name is Tamanna. My question to you is, we see quite a generation gap between our generation, and our parent's generation. And, it sometimes so happens, that we want something out of our life, and they don't necessarily agree with it, and we end up in a conflict. And we sometimes even curb our desires just to see them happy. So how do we deal with that conflict?

3:14 min

What is an ideal education system?


Sadhguru, my question is regarding the education system, which is followed everywhere, especially in India. So Sadhguru, my question is, what exactly is the ideal education system that we should have in our country so that we can explore every dimension of life, keeping intact the material needs of the country.

11:47 min

How do we choose a good career? How is artificial intelligence helping in education?


I have two questions. First is, how do we choose a good career? And secondly, what do you think basically? How is technology, or more specifically, artificial intelligence, helping in education?

3:34 min

How do I resolve this ethical dilemma of wasting food that I don’t like?


I am Kimsi Sonkar. I am sitting outside. I am a PhD scholar in JNU. And, I always have an ethical dilemma that when I eat the mess food, it is always not in the standard of eating. We don't want to eat. And, I end up wasting a lot of food. So I want a solution, how do I make up my mind to eat the food which I don’t like at all? Because I see that there are people dying for single grains of food and I’m here wasting food, getting all the facilities. But, still I can't eat that food. However hard I try to tell the mess worker, please put a little....

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What is the right approach to emulate role models?


Sadhguru, everytime I come to know of a feat achieved, or the great ability of a role model, there is an instinctive aspiration to encompass that and to achieve that for myself as well. But then, with it comes the formidability of the profoundness of the ambition. So what is the right approach for such ambitions in life?

17:21 min

What is religion? Is it necessary to have a religion at all?


Hello Sadhguru. First of all, Namaskaram. I am a Hindu by birth, not by choice. Basically, I am an agnostic kind of person. So, my question is, we all have been encountering a statement everywhere, like on social media and in our day to day life, that our religion is in danger. First of all, this question comes in my mind since my childhood, what is religion? And the other thing, how is it in danger? And is it necessary to have a religion at all?