Should students remain neutral and not identify with any political ideology?

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Sadhguru @ JNU


Sadhguru, next question is, you know JNU is a very politically vibrant campus. And it is impossible, or impractical to be apolitical in this campus. One way, or other way, we are labelled to a particular ideology, right, left, center. I give you an example - when I came to this campus, I did not get hostel immediately. So, a student activist came to me, he told me to come to his room. I went to his room. And when I saw there, there were seven students already staying there in a tiny room. So, I refused to stay there, and I stayed outside the campus. But a large section of M.A. & B.A. students who stay there, and since they are staying there, it is an obligation to participate in political activities. So, if they participate in a particular activities, they are labelled as belonging to a particular ideology. Second example, whenever we give a particular opinion, maybe on campus issues, or national issues, or international issues, we are labelled to have a particular ideology. My question to you, Sadhguru, how can a student remain neutral or free thinking?


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