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As part of Youth & Truth, Sadhguru was at University of Michigan, and interacted with the students. A top-ranked public university, the University of Michigan has a tradition of excellence in research, learning and teaching, sports and the arts, and more. Q1: How should we adapt to a rapidly changing world? Q2: How to become a lifelong learner? ...


6:36 min

How should we adapt to a rapidly changing world?


In the past couple of years we’ve seen that change is coming in multiple forms. Be it in education, be it in the job opportunities, be it in culture. Earlier it would take about 20-30 years for us to realize and see this change. But today it’s happening at a much faster rate. How would you suggest, or how do you think we, as the youth, should adapt to change like this and be prepared for it?   

2:33 min

How to become a lifelong learner?


I tend to follow the same thing, that you mentioned that the education system needs to be changed to adapt. So on the same note, that the education system needs to be changed. And it’s more to say that learning and adapting is anyone’s life’s integral part. You need to adapt with how it’s happening around you. Also, Charlie Munger said that human being needs to be a lifelong learning machine. You need to learn everyday, every set of your way. Is it so?  

5:56 min

How to find my purpose in life?


So, one of the questions that keeps popping up in everyone’s mind is, how do you define the clarity of purpose in your life? And that’s something that you’ve probably been asked multiple times before. But this is something that we still struggle with. And we easily get influenced by people around us, and we get distracted from what we truly are passionate about. How do you recommend today’s youth to be focusing on building true passion and also developing a clarity of purpose in life?   

3:47 min

Should you do what you love, or love what you do?


As we graduate from school and leave university, and go into the corporate world. A lot of people follow their passion and take an unconventional path. My question is, should you do what you love, or should you love what you do?  

2:08 min

How to expand myself beyond logic?


So the summary of that will be that, as people, we choose to learn those things that we think have value in it, not things that transform them. Correct? So how do you suggest that one can expand his or her horizon to see beyond what his/her logic tells them to do or not do?  

9:53 min

How to Balance the Present & the Future?


So in working towards our ambitions, we sometimes forget to enjoy the present. To experience life as it is. And we strive towards making a beautiful future. Now how do you recommend that we think about balancing the two? That is, enjoying the present versus working towards a future.  

8:44 min

Should I stick to my values & morals?


So, in speaking of this, how does one truly find their values, and then eventually stick by their values? Or should they even be sticking by those values that they find throughout their life? Values meaning, it could be things that you believe to be true, it could be guiding forces, it could be morals, it could be any of those.  

4:37 min

How to live life to the fullest?


I will be the simple person. I don't want any passion in my life. That, okay, I don’t have to have passion at this moment, or any ambition. I just want to live my life at its fullest. Full on happiness, joyful, and I just want to live at the fullest of my potential. How can I do it? What’s the step for it?  

10:43 min

American dream Vs Giving back to India


Since this auditorium is filled with Indian expats. So one of the questions we wanted to ask was how do you recommend that we, the Indian youth here in the US, start thinking about contributing back to India while they are living their American dream. Because these two pursuits are very diverse, they might not coincide.   

6:59 min

Will India and Pakistan ever reconcile?


My question is about India. India currently is a shining star on the global map, its economy is thriving, people are flourishing. All things are great, and going good. And in the last four and a half years, we’ve seen a serious government which is taking us into this development path. But my question is about this gruesome, you know, horrible act that happened yesterday at Kashmir. And we saw 40+ javaans killed. So, I don’t know what’s the psyche of these people who can get into a car of 300 kgs of ammunition and, you know, just blast. My question is, how can the government do decisively, to solve this at the bud. The second part to it is, I know it happens periodically, but the psyche of these people. How can it be changed? Can we ever imagine Inner Engineering in Pakistan, without being killed? Without having the fear of being killed.  

6:42 min

How to change the perception of ‘Dark’ as Evil?


My question to you is, since I’ve come here, I’ve had to explain my way of upbringing, my culture, or the way I do certain things. And, you have said, Adiyogi is not light, he’s darkness. Darkness is something which is associated with evil in certain cultures. I understood when you said Adiyogi is darkness, not light. But when I’m explaining it to my friend, or to anyone, how do I put it in a context that they understand? Because like you said, there are cultural differences. And how do I put it in a proper context?  

1:45 min

Why do people lie all the time?


My question is, why do people lie all the time?