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Sadhguru interacted with the students of DMS School (Demonstration Multipurpose School), Mysuru, as part of the Youth & Truth movement. Students asked a variety of questions:  Destiny or Hard Work, what decides success? How to be humble? Should I believe in Science or Religion? How can Indian reclaim it's lost glory? Will uniform civil court be ...


6:38 min

How to be humble?


Sadhguru, all through school and college we are taught to give importance to ourselves. Self-love, self-confidence, self-esteem. They teach us to give importance to ourselves to such an extent that we no longer know how to be humble. Can you please tell us how we can become humble again?

10:37 min

Should I believe in Science or Religion?


Sadhguru, I’m a student from a science background. Most of the religions in this world proclaim that god has created human beings. But our evolutionary science is saying that human beings have come from monkeys. Which one should I believe in?

8:07 min

Destiny or Hard Work, What decides Success?


First of all, Namaskaram to you Sadhguru. Sadhguru, I have worked very hard to secure the first rank in the common entrance examination and it placed me here. But my brother says that it’s my destiny that has put me here. Is it really my destiny or my hard work that has placed me here?

8:18 min

How can India reclaim it’s lost glory?


Namaste Sadhguru. I have a question for you. You said that Indians have so much knowledge about everything. Now we say in places that India is the guru of the world. That 15,000 years ago, we had that knowledge. If that is so, if that knowledge is so great, why can’t we get it back? And if we can, how can we get it back?

4:03 min

Will uniform civil court be a possibility in India?


Will uniform civil court be a possibility in India? I think, at least after one or two generations of utilizing the caste-based reservation in education and jobs, the third generation should not be given reservations.