What should be modern India’s architecture?

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Sadhguru @ JJ College of Architecture


Namaskaram Sadhguru. So my name is Ojasvika Sahu, I’d first like to really give you a warm welcome on the J J campus on behalf of the students. So we, architecture students especially, are really aroused and excited about this event mainly because we are very well aware of your contribution to your Coimbatore ashram. So my question is a bit along the academic lines. We, as architecture students, have always been taught to build in the context, to look at the culture where your site is, or wherever your project is going to be built. But now, when I see the world today, in India especially, urbanisation is basically blind westernisation, where we simply build glass boxes which we know and understand that it does not suit the climate or the context of India. So my question is that we, as Indians, have not yet figured out what India’s modern architecture is about and we simply copy the westerners. So what do you think should be India’s modern architecture?


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