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As part of Youth & Truth movement, Sadhguru was at NALSAR University, Hyderabad. Are 'first impressions' confusing? Should I trust my 'gut' instincts? Why should I be compelled to stand for the national anthem? Should we 'ban' Pakistani artists? Is it justified to spend 3600 crores on statues? Is spirituality only for the rich? How to deal with ...


09:31 min

What is your response to allegations of land grab, and elephant corridor?


Question: My question is, you have spoken about how you believe that we must live in harmony with nature. You told us that we have come here, and we have taken over the land which belonged to snakes. A lot of the infrastructure of the Isha Foundation has been built on elephant corridors. Something which both the NGT, as well as high courts have admitted to, without the requisite permissions. We tell you, this goes against the rule of law which you stand for. This goes against living in harmony with species. Both of you which you have spoken, right here at NALSAR. So, if you could clarify regarding that.

2:37 min

How important is it for youth to be leaders?


Question: You say that leadership and especially entrepreneurship and enterprise is very much needed for the growth of this nation. So, how important is it for the youth, or a young individual to be a leader and having a bigger vision, which is beyond just their own survival but which includes larger wellbeing and growth of humanity. And, if someone takes such responsibility, how a person having such a vision make himself capable and competent and clear?

4:30 min

How do we stop the flow of thoughts?


Question: Many people say that thoughts create Karma. And, sometimes our biggest fears keep on recurring in our minds on a daily basis. So, how do we stop that flow of thoughts and how do we stop those fears from materializing? And, also how to cut down on unwanted Karma?

15:02 min

Why should women not be allowed in Shani Temple?


Question: In one of the blogs that you have written in your website, you speak about women's entry to Shani temples. And, there you say that, look - the reason why they shouldn't be allowed is because there are planetary forces and it's not good for women to enter these temples. In the same vein, I just want to tell you a little bit about the law on the point. There are supreme court judgements which say that, if you make laws which tend to be discriminatory for women, it can not be a justification that we are doing it for their benefit. That can not be the justification for any law that discriminates women. This is the law of the land. In the same vein, would you say that... If that is the law of the land, and you are committed to the ideals of law, then, one - how do you justify that. And, two - one more question Sir. In the same article, you also mention that we can control the impact of planetary forces on our life through Inner Engineering. What is Inner Engineering? Is it a program that Isha Foundation hands out?

6:58 min

Is spirituality only for the rich?


Question: It is a common notion among people that spirituality is a rich person's area. So, even if you look at the people who have gathered around here, we are all pretty much well off. And, once we have earned for ourselves, we then find time to do Yoga, or Meditation, or look into our inner being. But, as we discussed, all through, throughout the whole discussion till now, there are.. You yourself have said that 500 million people are still malnourished, and there are so may people in this country who are daily wage workers, who at that point of time spirituality, or learning of their inner being would not be the most important thing for them. Their most important thing would be feeding themselves, and their children for their next meal.

6:01 min

Should we ‘ban’ Pakistani artists?


Question: In Bombay there were certain political entities which threatened that a particular film will not be released, because it involved a Pakistani actor, who by the way, was working in India legally on a Government sanctioned permit. It was argued that releasing such a film would be disrespectful to Indians and to the Indian army. And there have also been similar instances of other Pakistani actors and musicians, also being prevented from working in India. Now, my question to you Sadhguru is that what's your stand on this? Do you see this as extra constitutional bullying, or extra constitutional censorship. Because there is no law which says I can not hire a Pakistani actor. Or do you see this as a justified patriotic concern.

3:50 min

Should spiritual gurus run companies?


Question: Now we see a lot of mystic individuals, who have huge foundations, who have companies. Some of who have gone into production of foods and soaps. So, the question here is that is this a healthy trend, that you have individuals who are otherwise identified as individuals devoid of material pleasures, or away from material pleasures, or away from businesses are now turning to them.

3:43 min

How can I realize that ‘I do not know’?


Question: You told in your childhood you experienced the realization of ignorance. At some point when I watch your video, I also felt that, I don't know - really nothing. Nothing means nothing. But after 10-15 mins, I get influenced by my mind, or something like that and I lose that realization. I want to live like that. I want to live with the realization that 'I don't know'.

8:57 min

How can we co-exist with Snakes?


Question: So, clearly you have this strong affinity for the species of snakes. And you've also gone on to say that there is no such creature which is as perceptive as the snake. So, fun fact, Shymalpet is a snake infested area, we have loads of snakes around campus. Is there any specific reason why we are so fearful of these species, when they themselves are equally fearful of us. So, how do we train our mind to overcome this paranoia. And, the larger question is, how do we ensure mutually sustainable habitat, where we do not disturb the balance between the human-animal interaction.

2:46 min

Isn’t the caste system in India discriminatory?


Question: So, Sir, you had quoted earlier, in one of your previous videos, that the curse of a shudra has no power, the curse of a vaishya - you may lose a meal, that of a kshatriya - you may lose a limb, and that of a Brahmna - you may lose everything. And, my question here is... And, you had also stated that this 'varna' system was not based on birth, but based on the occupation that person had, and the qualification of the occupation. So, my question here is, since the Karma of a Vaishya or Shudra is defined to them, and they are doing their duties, how is the power of one more than that of the other?

7:00 min

How do we get people interested in politics?


Question: How do we get the population interested in politics, and in governance? In view of the fact that, I mean, in most elections there are less than 50% turnouts.

3:15 min

How can I be committed without attachment?


Question: From my limited understanding, or from what I have read in textbooks is, Buddhism talks about how we should not be attached to something, or how in certain cases we should be detached. I mean, it talks about suffering.. One of the reason, we are in suffering is attachment. Now, my question to you Sadhguru is that, how can I attempt to remedy injustice if I am not sentimentally infected or attached to a particular cause. How can I help a particular friend, or empathize with him, if I'm not attached with him. So, this obsessiveness or attachment, is it necessarily bad?

2:47 min

How does one figure out their passion?


Question: How does one figure out their passion? And, should one necessarily follow their passion, even if it means sacrificing comfort, lifestyle, geographical proximity to family? And, should passion always override such considerations, which might also be important in their own right?

5:08 min

How can I dedicate myself to serve under-privileged children?


Question: Hello Sadhguru, I'm Srikari, and I'm running an NGO for underprivileged children right now. And, I have sort of decided for myself that this is what I want to dedicate my life for, which is serving the society. So, I have three questions for you. First is, being a social entrepreneur yourself, how do you think I should prepare myself for the rest of my life, to be dedicated to this cause. And, second thing, you have mentioned a lot of issues. For e.g., malnutrition, and there is intolerance, and there is so many issues. So, which issue do you think that our generation should target, in order to get the best effect out of it. And, thirdly, do you have any sort of program that can help us students who are doing this kind of effort, because we don't have the kind of power, or exposure to reach the kind of level that you can.

5:37 min

How to deal with moral dilemmas?


Question: Sadhguru, many of my colleagues and I are soon going to begin our professional careers. So, there maybe occasions in the course of our career, where we are confronted with moral dilemmas. For example, a situation where you are required to defend someone you know is guilty. Or a situation where you have to prosecute someone who is innocent. Now, the law says that every accused is entitled to an attorney, and the right to a fair trial. Now, if I decide to defend this particular accused individual, and I defend him successfully, then should I be pleased with the acquittal? Or should I regret the fact that the victim has not received justice? So, how do I reconcile this conflict between my conscience, and my professional obligation?

4:42 min

When should I forgive?


Question: Sir, when someone has wronged us, or abused us in someway, we sometimes have feelings of hostility or resentment against them. And, sometimes we might tend to forgive them, and let it go. So, my question here is, where must we draw a line to hold the wrong-doer responsible for what he does, and when should we know to forgive him, and when should we know to let it go.

6:30 min

Why should we be forced to stand for the national anthem?


Question: You have been talking about a lot of under nourishment in India. People who are under nourished. It is these very undernourished people that we have taken away the food from, the nutrition. And, secondly, it is these minorities who are scared to do things out of their own volition, exercise their own autonomy, because of the environment we have created. And, you also talked about, how America respects it's national anthem. There have been several politically motivated stances taken by a lot of people, whereby they decided not to respect the national anthem. I mean, we have created an environment of coercion and violence in the society. All the people are being forced to do this against their autonomy. So, in solidarity if we decide to not stand for the national anthem - there are bigger things here. I hope it was not rhetorical when you asked us - is there a solution. Why should we look for a higher ideal somewhere. Why can't we live with acceptance and tolerance instead. Respect these people's opinions.

5:04 min

Why the society can not accept inter-caste marriages?


Question:  Society is celebrating legalization of homosexuality, when it can't even accept inter-caste marriages. Why the society can not accept inter-caste marriages?

8:29 min

How do you perceive consumption of intoxicants?


Question: Sadhguru, in one of your uploads on YouTube, you speak on an experience where you have consumed the Cobra venom. And, you describe this experience as something where one part of your self felt like you are in a state of slumber, while the other part of you felt like you were in a higher level of brightness. So, how do you perceive the use of other natural intoxicants, such as Weed, or Bhang, which take you to the same level of higher consciousness? But, the only difference lies in the means that are adopted in reaching that higher level of consciousness. So, why has the consumption of Weed in India remained a stigmatized subject? And, fortunately for us, we have senior minister in the Narendara Modi cabinet, Mrs Maneka Gandhi, who has come out in support of legalization of Marijuana. Could you also tell is what your take is? Weather or not Marijuana should be decriminalized, given that there is enough evidence to suggest that there is medical benefit associated with the consumption of Marijuana.

5:36 min

Is it justified to spend 3600 crores on statues?


Question: This is again on the theme of nationalism, that there have been instances of Government spending huge amounts of money on building statues of national icons, and heroes. To set the context, I'm from Bombay, and a huge number of people from Mumbai, including me see Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as an eminent warrior and icon. That being said, the Government of Maharashtra recently allocated Rs3,600 crores for building a Shivaji statue. Sadhguru, my question is that, respecting national heroes and taking pride in history is important, but should it come at the cost of spending Rs 3,600 crores? Especially, when you have important socio-economic issues still pending. I mean, in Bombay there have been bridges which have fallen down. There are entire families which have been killed. So, is it necessary to build a statue?

4:35 min

What is your view on homosexuality, and article 377?


Question: I mean, when somebody asked you for your views on section 377, you talked about how we should not be entering into people's bedrooms. How, they should be given the privacy. How we should not be criminalizing this. That being said, there was a statement after that we, and a lot of NALSARites didn't understand as to what was the context, or the basis of that statement, is that, it should not be promoted. What is this - 'that it should not be promoted'.

6:21 min

Are ‘first impressions’ confusing?


Question: I thought a good way to begin the conversation would be to pick up a question on first impressions. So, I mean both you and I would have heard the popular phrase - "little knowledge is dangerous knowledge", and "don't judge the book by it's cover". So, how do you weigh these expressions, when we think of the concept of 'first impressions'? As I understand it, first impressions are mental images that we create. When we see someone, or hear someone, and the first interaction we have with that person. And, it is also possible that our first impressions are wrong. So, are first impressions something that confuse your mind, or is it something that gives you initial clarity?

3:16 min

Should I trust my ‘gut’ instincts?


Question: Sometimes we have these little instincts in us that direct us to do certain things, popularly known as 'gut feelings'. So, do you think youth must act on these 'gut feelings', or should we reject it? What is your take on 'gut feelings', and instincts?

23:05 min

Why should I be compelled to stand for the national anthem?


Question: Gautam Gambhir was of the opinion that people should be compelled to stand up for the national anthem, and he was surprised as to how this was even a topic of debate. As I understand, you agreed with him, with the only qualifier being that if somebody is disabled, he should not be forced. So, Sadhguru, my question is that should we not allow people to find out what their own independent interpretations of loyalty and allegiance are? I mean, we walk unaffected when women are raped, we stop Dalits from entering public facilities, there are so many injustices that we do. Just because we go to the cinema, we stand for the national anthem! How does that become a criteria for having allegiance to the nation, or being a patriot to the nation.