Is it justified to spend 3600 crores on statues?

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Question: This is again on the theme of nationalism, that there have been instances of Government spending huge amounts of money on building statues of national icons, and heroes. To set the context, I'm from Bombay, and a huge number of people from Mumbai, including me see Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj as an eminent warrior and icon. That being said, the Government of Maharashtra recently allocated Rs3,600 crores for building a Shivaji statue. Sadhguru, my question is that, respecting national heroes and taking pride in history is important, but should it come at the cost of spending Rs 3,600 crores? Especially, when you have important socio-economic issues still pending. I mean, in Bombay there have been bridges which have fallen down. There are entire families which have been killed. So, is it necessary to build a statue?


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