Why should we be forced to stand for the national anthem?

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Sadhguru @ NALSAR


Question: You have been talking about a lot of under nourishment in India. People who are under nourished. It is these very undernourished people that we have taken away the food from, the nutrition. And, secondly, it is these minorities who are scared to do things out of their own volition, exercise their own autonomy, because of the environment we have created. And, you also talked about, how America respects it's national anthem. There have been several politically motivated stances taken by a lot of people, whereby they decided not to respect the national anthem. I mean, we have created an environment of coercion and violence in the society. All the people are being forced to do this against their autonomy. So, in solidarity if we decide to not stand for the national anthem - there are bigger things here. I hope it was not rhetorical when you asked us - is there a solution. Why should we look for a higher ideal somewhere. Why can't we live with acceptance and tolerance instead. Respect these people's opinions.


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