Why should women not be allowed in Shani Temple?

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Question: In one of the blogs that you have written in your website, you speak about women's entry to Shani temples. And, there you say that, look - the reason why they shouldn't be allowed is because there are planetary forces and it's not good for women to enter these temples. In the same vein, I just want to tell you a little bit about the law on the point. There are supreme court judgements which say that, if you make laws which tend to be discriminatory for women, it can not be a justification that we are doing it for their benefit. That can not be the justification for any law that discriminates women. This is the law of the land. In the same vein, would you say that... If that is the law of the land, and you are committed to the ideals of law, then, one - how do you justify that. And, two - one more question Sir. In the same article, you also mention that we can control the impact of planetary forces on our life through Inner Engineering. What is Inner Engineering? Is it a program that Isha Foundation hands out?


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