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10:08 min

Can the entire planet be energized?


Namaskaram Sadhguru. In the book ‘Inner Engineering’ you have said that if this planet gives you a chance, you will transform into what you have enshrined in the South, which you just showed. So what does the necessary support mean?

13:16 min

How to choose what to do in life?


Today when we have a lot of opportunities available to us, the multitude of choices that we have almost paralyses us. Because we have a limited amount of time. How do we go about choosing what we want to pursue?

9:19 min

Is there an intersection of Technology and Yoga / Meditation?


So, in today’s technological world, we know that artificial intelligence and robotics are taking over. Those are the cutting-edge technologies. So what is your take on the intersection of such technologies with the ancient practices such as meditation and yoga?

2:02 min

Is it important to have a companion?


Hi Sadhguru. Do you think it’s important to have a companion?

10:25 min

Is everything pre-decided by fate?


I would like to ask something related to belief. So we are either stuck in the past memories or stuck about the future, setting up goals and planning according to our goals. But it’s not necessary that things turn out the way we have decided every time. So is it that everything is pre-decided by fate?

10:34 min

Is Science too young to understand religion?


Namaskaram Sadhguru. So the first question is a statement from a book called ‘Angels and Demons’, which is a very popular book among the youth. The statement is, science is too young to understand religion. So, being a mystic, what is your understanding of science? And what is the relationship between science and religion?

5:22 min

What is my duty towards my parents?


I was a student of this institute and I used to feel very happy because the education here was all about questioning. So we questioned everything, all the belief systems. So as a result the students grow up to be very self-reliant and they know themselves well. But what happens is that they grow distant from their family because of the difference in the belief system. So we may become very confident individuals but what happens is that we become alien to our parents, we don’t fulfill their expectations. So what do you think? There’s a role as a daughter or son to be fulfilled. And there’s a role as an individual as well. So how do we get that balance?

4:57 min

What is Mentalism & Tantra?


Namaste. Can you talk about Mentalism?

4:53 min

Can I control someone else?


I’ve seen Mahabharat, your version. So it was fully about boons and curses. And the question is, do we have control over another’s life? Like you just said that you can make your own life. If I am making my own life and somebody curses me and then I’m finished. So what is my role in my life? It’s like energy. Do I influence your energy? Can I control the way you live?

8:22 min

How to teach ’empathy’ to others?


So empathy is a word that we use everyday. Especially we, as designers, have placed it on a pedestal. So we want to know your interpretation of empathy and is it necessary for everyone to have it? And if so, then how can it be taught to someone?

10:24 min

How do I know if I’m sad or depressed?


Sadhguru, this question is something that many of us will be able to relate with. So people are going through a lot in their lives, in their personal and professional lives. So my question is, how will the youth be able to realize the difference between sadness and depression? And, since realizing the problem is the first step of the solution, this is something important. When someone is in depression, they should know and realize, actualize it first.

6:35 min

What is “Dharma”?


So Sadhguru, your example of Rama got me to this question. So, you know, if we go through the Indian mythology, we come across this word called ‘dharma’. So what exactly is dharma?