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As part of Youth & Truth movement, Sadhguru interacted with the students at NEHU, Shillong. Why Youth & Truth? Heart or Mind, What should I listen to? How to balance materialism & Spiritualism? What is the significance of motherhood? How to stay committed in a relationship? After death, should the body be burned or buried? How to express ...


15:03 min

Heart or Mind, What should I listen to?


Namaskaram Sadhguru ji. The first question that I want to ask is actually related to me. People have told me that if I take decisions from my heart, I’ll be successful in life. But the problem is that I don’t know which thought is coming from my heart and which thought is coming from my brain.

12:02 min

How to balance Materialism & Spiritualism?


You have mentioned on a number of occasions that we cannot ignore the materialistic body that we have been given and that we have to live with it. But how do we find a balance between the materialistic world and the spiritual world?

18:27 min

What is the significance of motherhood?


Sadhguru, I’m so lost in your words that I don’t want to ask any question. Sadhguru, in context to space and food, should the human race, especially in India, stop reproducing and start adopting children instead? Why don’t we parent them? But in the process of doing so, are we losing the very essence of motherhood? And what is the meaning of motherhood according to you?

10:40 min

How to stay committed in a relationship?


Sadhguru, how can a person stay committed to someone in a relationship? Is it natural to love someone and yet be sexually attracted to others? What should be the proper course of action that should follow?

7:03 min

Is donating organs against the law of nature?


Sadhguru, we all believe our life is precious. And I believe that our body is equally precious after we die. When we die, should we allow our body to be burned or buried? Or to be utilized by someone else who is in need of organs? Is this against the law of nature?

6:01 min

How to express my love to my beloved?


Sadhguru ji, this is very common in my college. So I’m in love with a girl. And what happens is that I don’t have the courage to talk to her and I have self-doubt. I think that I don’t deserve her. So what to do about this?

12:33 min

Why ban only beef?


Next question is rather controversial. As it is known, the majority of population in the state Meghalaya is that of beef eaters. With the government banning consumption of beef in mainland India, people have an idea that the government is trying to control the very food habits of the citizens of a democratic nation. If beef is to be banned because of religious reasons, isn’t it against the idea of secularism? And if it is for the environmental point of view, as you said, why not mutton ban or chicken ban, which are also reasons for greenhouse gas emission?

6:45 min

How do I convince my parents for inter-caste marriage?


This was the most frequently asked question by the youth of our university. We feel parents today are becoming liberal with their children in many aspects. However, when it comes to inter-caste and inter-religion marriage, people are still orthodox. And people draw a rigid line that children cannot cross. Is it merely because of fear of society?

19:37 min

How can we remove the divide created by religions?


In an interview with Karan Johar, you have defined organized religion as madness. But the matter of fact is that the majority of people identify themselves with one religion or the other. And in the process they create some kind of wall between those of different faiths. So what can we, as youth, do to break the wall and help everybody live united?

1:23 min

Why do people from North-East India feel excluded from mainland India?


Why do people from North-East India feel excluded from mainland India?

9:31 min

How to deal with peer & societal pressures?


Good evening Sadhguru. My name is Ria, I’m a research scholar from NEHU. How do I deal with this peer pressure and societal pressure so that there’s a peace of mind at the end of the day?

8:28 min

How much knowledge should we attain?


Sadhguru, namaskar. How much knowledge should we attain? In India, in the education system, we see that the stress is upon imparting knowledge. Whether the person understands it or implements it is invalid. So how can we change that?

10:47 min

How to deal with addictions & substance abuse?


My question for you today is, you said that we humans should use our organs wisely so that they last us for a lifetime. But on the other hand we’re seeing that today the youth is more inclined towards drinking, weed and smoking. So how do you think we should raise their consciousness?

5:16 min

If life has no purpose, then why to live consciously?


Sadhguru, on one occasion you mentioned that there is no purpose to life and that life itself is a phenomena beyond any purpose. If there is no purpose to life and if the eventual destination of every life is death, then why do we need to live consciously?