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As part of Youth & Truth movement, Sadhguru was at Sophia College, Mumbai. How do we become inclusive as a society? Is it ok to question authority? What's wrong with polygamy? Why not adopt a child, instead of bearing one? Why do we feel guilty? Is it ok to have pre-marital sex? Where did Black Magic originate? What is the right food to eat to stay ...


7:27 min

Is it ok to question authority?


Sadhguru, how would you suggest that we appropriately question authority without being disrespectful towards them? From our childhood we’ve been taught to obey our elders because they know better and they are right. But they’re only human and it’s possible that they’re wrong or they make an error in judgement. So, do you think... I am not talking just in context of parents, it could be political leaders, scientists, experts, spiritual leaders as well. How do we question them, to look beyond their traditional paradigm, without being disrespectful? Because they may take it as challenging their authority?

15:37 min

How do we become inclusive as a society?


My first question is, how do we become more inclusive of diversity in society? For instance if you see, the North East of India is completely ignored. Its a fragment... it's been pushed out of this country. I mean, a lot of people they don't even know what the seven states of North East are, or how the people are, or what their identity is. So, how can we as the youth, or all of us change this? How do we become more inclusive? Because if you see, ignorance eventually leads to intolerance and communal problems and violence. So how do we become inclusive of diversity today?

4:42 min

Is it ok to have pre-marital sex?


My next question to you is, Sadhguru, how does one decide whether one should or should not have pre-marital sex? And does it prepare us for a better marital life?

7:07 min

What’s wrong with polygamy?


Sadhguru, my next question for you is, why can’t one husband be with multiple women? And one women, or a wife can be with multiple husbands in today's societyamong consenting adults? And what impact do these people have when they’re involved in such relationships?

7:37 min

Why not adopt a child, instead of bearing one?


We see that the people who want to have children but are unable to conceive it themselves, invest a lot of time, energy and money into fertility treatments when there are so many kids around the world who are waiting to be adopted. I understand that adoption is not the cure for infertility but it is a cure for childlessness. So if the purpose is to rear a child, have a child, love a child, provide a home, why not just adopt a child who’s already waiting for a home and to be loved?

7:53 min

Why do we feel guilty?


My next question to you, Sadhguru, is, when something bad happens to somebody and we know that it is always on their conscience, they’re thinking about it a lot of times. But eventually there comes a point where they are ready to let it go. But somewhere there’s guilt, that if they let this thing go, something that has troubled them for so many years, there’s this guilt that they don’t want to let the past go because they feel guilty of letting it go. So why does that happen and how do we let go of that guilt? Like, even if we take for instance sexual abuse. If a girl is sexually abused, and eventually if she reaches a point where she is ready to overcome it, but she feels guilty to let it go, because it has troubled her for a very very long time. And, not just her, the ones around her as well. So,  is it right to let it go at that point? Or, how does one deal with a situation like that?

12:09 min

What is the right food to eat to stay alert & healthy?


What type of food should we eat so that our life reaches its full potential for a college, or a school going student? This question is by Spurti.

5:57 min

Where did Black Magic originate?


This question is from Subhashish Mukherjee. And he says, I want to know the truth of black magic. My non-Bengali friends believe black magic has come into existence from West Bengal. How much truth is there in this?

7:36 min

How does the desire to take ‘revenge’ affect someone’s life?


Namaskaram Sadhguru. My name is Karishma Joshi and I was an Isha Home School student. And when I found out you were coming to college, I was so, so, so happy. And my question to you is, in Mahabharat, we see Ambashi so determined to take revenge on Bhishma. And she goes to Shiva and Shiva actually grants her that boon. So why would somebody want to live their whole life just with the sole intention of taking revenge on somebody? And how would this affect them?

5:07 min

How to deal with social pressures of competition?


Good afternoon Sadhguru. My name is Kritika. I’m a grade 12 student. So we’re studying and we’re living in this overly competitive world where everybody wants to be the best. And, sometimes, I find a difficulty in deciding what the right path is for me. Because  even though I maybe good at say dancing or singing, there is always somebody who is better than me. So my question to you is, how do we find the motivation to do something that we like, for the sole purpose of being happy ourselves, instead of following society's demands to be the best at what we do?

7:09 min

How to deal with being overly sensitive & emotional?


Namaskaram Sadhguru. Before I begin, may I request you to ask two questions? Before that, I love you so much. Sadhguru, my first question is, I’m not able to pull myself out of grief. Like, you know, whenever I see a child begging on the street, a girl or a boy, my conscience just keeps biting me. Like you know, 'you are not doing this for them, you are not doing that for them..'. So, then I talk to myself saying that, if I could earn unlimited, I could do so many things for them. I don't know how to get out of this feeling. Whenever I see, you know, my legs start walking towards them, and I just spoil the mood for myself. So how to be practical? It’s too much emotion which is disturbing me.

12:37 min

Is it ok to be more active at night?


Good afternoon Sadhguru. My name is Sonya Alfons. My question to you is, I personally feel that I function more efficiently in the night than in the day. It’s not that I’ve changed my biological clock or something or I sleep during the day. But it’s just that I feel more productive. Not only while studying but also otherwise. I feel invigorated in the night. So why is it so?