Why do we feel guilty?

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Sadhguru @ Sophia College


My next question to you, Sadhguru, is, when something bad happens to somebody and we know that it is always on their conscience, they’re thinking about it a lot of times. But eventually there comes a point where they are ready to let it go. But somewhere there’s guilt, that if they let this thing go, something that has troubled them for so many years, there’s this guilt that they don’t want to let the past go because they feel guilty of letting it go. So why does that happen and how do we let go of that guilt? Like, even if we take for instance sexual abuse. If a girl is sexually abused, and eventually if she reaches a point where she is ready to overcome it, but she feels guilty to let it go, because it has troubled her for a very very long time. And, not just her, the ones around her as well. So,  is it right to let it go at that point? Or, how does one deal with a situation like that?


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