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On 12 November 2019, Sadhguru was at University of Toronto, as part of the Youth and Truth movement. Watch the vibrant QnA session that followed as Sadhguru answered students’ questions on a wide range of topics. Q1: How can we heal ourselves from past pain? Q2: How to take care of self, when you are a caretaker? Q3: How to deal with stress, and find ...


8:48 min

How can we heal ourselves from our past pain?


So, the first question we had was, nobody goes through life unscared. Everybody has had a past experience with a person or a situation that left a permanent scar on them. Such that, whenever we are reminded of this, the sadness, or loneliness, or pain associated with the memory comes back regardless of how much time has passed. Is there truly a way for us to move on and let go from things that have hurt us in the past, such that they have no substantial emotional effects on us? And, if not, how can we heal ourselves from this past pain?  

1:42 min

How to take care of self, when one is a caretaker?


So Sadhguru, a lot of our students take leadership roles at school. A lot of them are just good friends, and are part of families where problems do exist. And they take the caretaker role a lot. So, what they’ve asked is, how do you take care of yourself when you are usually the one taking care of others?  

15:58 min

How to deal with stress, and find internal happiness?


So, Sadhguru going back to what you were saying that you need to be part of the solution, and going back to what Daniel was saying that mental health is such a problem here. At UofT, we are constantly challenged by new ideas, by some of the greatest minds in the world. And, in such a competitive environment, which I sometime describe as a roller-coster ride we got onto, knowingly or unknowingly. I find myself, and a lot of people in the audience would echo to this, that I’m juggling between dealing with stress and finding internal happiness. I want to understand how do you live in the moment. How do I cherish my victories or my failures, before I move on to the next task in life?  

7:29 min

How to love unconditionally & Healthily?


So, the next topic that the question sort of revolves around is love and relationships, which I know a lot of young people, a lot of students, not even just young people, adults even - it's everyone. At the some point in their life, hopefully. So, love is like a universal topic. It's in movies, songs. It seems like such a basic component of life, yet it's really hard for us to define it. It's really hard for us to truly know when we are in love, to truly know if it's the right kind of love, if it actually is love. If it's just infatuation. If you feel really strongly, it must be love. Because, you can't get them out of your head. So, this can be - and maybe that's just me as a young person. But, ya, so love can be very, a very big topic. So, the question that we’ve sourced from the UofT community is, what does it mean to love someone, both unconditionally and healthily?  

5:59 min

What should I do when stuck between two identities?


So, the next question we have is about identity. It's a personal question that I have come up with. But I think some of you will be able to relate. So, I am a diaspora. I am Canadian born. My family is from Tanzania, but originally from Gujarat. So, I have always struggled to identify who I am in the Canadian context. So, when I went to school and I had to eat lunch, I would take my butter chicken, and I would go sit on the side, because I didn't want my white friends to have to smell my food. But, when I was with my family at mosque or temple, I would all of a sudden have an Indian accent. So, I was always stuck between these two identities, constantly. These are things I did as a child - 6,7,8,9 - and now as an adult, I am still trying to figure out how to navigate in this space. So my question for you is, as youth we have the ability to adapt our identities to fit the social surroundings we’re in. How do we begin to understand our authentic truths and act upon them in a world that expects us to change and be amiable in our environments?  

11:09 min

How to deal with failure?


Sadhguru, the next question is something that we sourced from the audience, and it's been a personal question as well. Which is, that when we’re all in this journey of life, we tend to set a lot of short-term goals. And when we don’t achieve them, we don’t know how to deal with failure. And that is something we all deal with a lot at UofT in specific. But, in that moment when we can look back and say, ya this is fine. But in that moment, how do we hold our ground and how do we learn to see the bigger picture?  

7:38 min

Why do we do rituals?


Ok, My question is why do we do pooja? Or, any kind of ritual in our Hindu religion?  

3:48 min

Can I have multiple Gurus?


Namaskaram Sadhguru. First, I would like to start by saying that, thank you for everything that you have done. I have taken your Inner Engineering course a while back, and it has done amazing things to me. I always thought that in order to be spiritually liberated, you need to find yourself a guru. And in the process of doing so, I’ve traveled to Nepal and India looking for a guru. I’ve read an article that you published online where you said that, how do you know when you find your guru. And you’ve mentioned that if you meet someone who almost threatens you and you want to leave, but at the same time, there is something that brings you back to this person. Then you’ve found your guru. Like, can you have multiple gurus? Or how do you know you’re in a right path that this is working for me and I should be doing this?  

12:15 min

What, or who, is God?


So I’ve been watching your videos for quite some time. And, you know, you’ve made an interesting comment, that when you think of god, most people think of him as an old man sitting up there with a big beard, passing judgements. So my question was, I was curious to understand what in your definition would be god?  

5:07 min

How to balance personal and relationship goals?


With respect to inter-personal promises and intra-personal promises, I fell that there are two types of promises that we make; to others and to ourselves. How do we balance both of those? Specially, considering, that sometimes we have to keep the inter-personal promises at the cost of your intra-personal promises.  

9:24 min

How can I learn about myself?


Hi Sadhguru, How are you doing today? So my question is, that we learn that we are sophisticated machinery and that we must learn how that sophisticated machinery works. But how do we approach that? How do we go about learning how this sophisticated machinery works?  

6:18 min

How not to get swayed by social & peer pressures?


How do we counter balance the power of social structures put on by popular culture. It feels like it sometimes holds youth in ignorance, and has them carry out a psuede perception of self worth, and can also lead people to destructive behaviors like drugs and alcohol, because it's so cool. This is the most common thing amongst us young people - Marijuana, alcohol, bad habits, it’s pushed onto us from pop-culture. What do we do? We can’t avoid it, it’s everywhere. How can we stay on our path and ascend? It’s human to fail in these habits but it does not feel right. It is impossible to escape. What do we do?